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Dec 14, 2006 01:19 AM

Trina in Ft. Lauderdale

We passed by Trina tonight on our way to Casablanca Cafe, which we enjoyed greatly, btw. Has anyone been to Trina - what's the word? Is it worth the trip from Parkland into Ft. Lauderdale? Thanks.

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  1. It's been over a year since I've eaten there, but I thought the place was first rate, and I'll bet it has only improved. I'm a fan of both the owner (who has places in New York -- Trina is sort of new-Mediterranean -- Sicilian, Greek, African influences) and the beverage manager, who does lots of kinky infused cocktails and has put together a great beer list. Definitely would recommend it.

    1. I was at Trina about 9 months ago with the in-laws and had a very enjoyable evening. The waitstaff was a little off, like most waitstaff in So. Fl. The food was very good, creative and cooked properly. I think it was venison or elk that I had with spatzle and crispy brussel sprouts. I even liked the fried calimari with little fried chickpeas. I recommend it.

      1. I've only read the menu so far and was very impressed with the dishes.It reminded me of San fran dining. I was only hesitating to go since it is in a hotel. Any comments about the feel/atmosphere. And......lately I can't find a foodie companion. My limited girlfriends think I'm a bit nutz with my food emphasis. can I help it if I have over-developed taste buds!!!!

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          The atmosphere inside seemed a little sexy, sleek, nice colors. They also have a partially open kitchen so you can see the white coats. We sat outside facing the beach, slightly above street level so it didn't feel like we werer breathing fumes, so I don't have a lot on decor, one thing that caught my attention was the bathroom sink, in a good way, check it out.

        2. Speaking of Casablanca, was it as adorable as it sounds in Zagat??? Cute, old historial home on the H2O. It recently changed ownership.....or got a new chef.....something like that.

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            it was very cute - nice atmosphere. the food was really good, but not what i would consider great. But on the other hand, the prices were reasonable - around the $20-30 range for entrees with most of them being in the low-mid $20.00. The sauces on everything were excellent. I think that is their high point. I would recommend it. I don't know if we would return for dinner since it was a pretty long drive and in the dark, you can't see the ocean, but I would definitely return for lunch.