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Dec 14, 2006 01:12 AM

Bay Area Source: Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers?

I'm looking to puy a 1# tin of these cookies as a holiday gift. Does anyone have a local source? I'd prefer local vs. ordering online.


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    1. Grand Avenue Chocolates in COncord.
      THey also do these amazing giant caranel, chocolate, nut apples.

      1. Perhaps not an exact match for what you're seeking, but the best chocolate covered graham crackers I've had are from Bridgewater Chocolates, a Connecticut chocolatier. It is a graham cracker dipped in either orange or lime cream and then coated in dark or milk chocolate. The presentation is elegant and the taste can not be described with mere words.

        I've seen them on sale at Cocoa Bella on Union in SF--not sure if you can get a 1 lb box, I've only seen them sold individually there.

        1. Great suggestions. I'm determined and may drive to Concord said the Marin gal.

          1. I have seen them at the Pasta Shop on 4th Street, Berkeley. I think they might be sold individually, so they are probably extremely pricey.