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Dec 14, 2006 01:09 AM

Culver City For brunch/lunch

Mtg a friend for brunch or lunch on Saturday -- did a search but not finding anything that's grabbing me. Looking for a good breakfast or lunch place -- use to work in the area so not looking for the usual suspects (verailles, etc). Heard about a salad place, maybe write up in the Times -- name escaping me. Also afforadable, pls. Thanks!

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  1. You're thinking of Tender Greens. Great salads. If you want both breakfast and lunch options, you could also try Bluebird Cafe on National. Great cupcakes. And while it's not quite the "brunch" experience, Cafe Surfas has amazing food and just started serving breakfast.

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      I like the food at Bluebird Cafe much more than Tender Greens, though Tender Greens may be a more central location, being in downtown CC. Bluebird sandwiches are really good, a much better value, and probably my favorite place to eat in CC. Tender Greens is more a build-your-own-salad type of place, and a tad overpriced IMO.

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        Thanks for mentioning the Bluebird Cafe. I've been past that place for a long time and wondered how good it was, because it's in a sort of out of the way location but it's been around a good bit of time. I figured it was probably not too bad and the locals/workers nearby were going there. Now for my oddball suggestion. It's in Los Angeles (nearby), but in kind of run down neighborhood. If you were to continue on National (east) past La Cienega there is a place called Normandie Bakery which has some chairs and tables out front. Pretty good food and it does get a pretty decent sized crowd for takeout and sitdown meals. The owner is a French lady, but she's doing pretty well and has a ritzier place in Las Vegas (and perhaps one elsewhere). Here's the url for a site with the address and a picture of the place. I love the sandwiches made on very fresh french bread.

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          Normandie Bakery is GOOD... but I like Bluebird a bit more. Blue Bird is more refined and takes a bit more care with their food.

          Now, that is not to say I won't be returning to Normandie anytime soon... I adore their baguettes, pate and that friday meatloaf special looks TOOO good... :)


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            Good answer "Dommy," I think you've talked me into trying the Bluebird Cafe. I've never been there so what you say sounds reasonable to me. Thanks for your answer.

              1. re: kevin

                I like the autostrada and smoked ham and eggs pressed sandwiches. I'd avoid the patty melt. I ordered it b/c I was in the mood for a burger and I swear that what they gave me was a slice of meatloaf instead. It was good, but the meat was sweet and bready. Very weird.

                As for cupcakes (which you have to get!) my fav is the vanilla followed by chocolate. Red velvet was also good, but not great. And they sell minis so you can try them all!

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                  "kevin" you'd better ask "Dommy." I've never eaten at the Bluebird Cafe, but from his answer it sounds like a nice place I should try.

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                    As I mentioned before, I love their grilled Veggie Sandwich. So loves their tuna melt and ruben... YUM!! :)


        2. Funny you should mention Surfas, I'm going there first then mtg my friend -- how's their breakfast?

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            Awesome. Good breakfast panini, but very rich, so I wouldn't recommend eating at Surfas if you're about to have another meal immediately after. But if you want a little something, you could grab one of their pastries.

            1. re: Newkie

              Yeah, the Filet Mignon hash is HEAVEN... YUmm... And for dessert, check out the Pumpkin Cranberry Cheesecake... the BEST dessert I've had all year... honestly...


          2. any address on bluebird and what sandwiches are good thanks a bunch.

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              Bluebird is just a stone's throw from Surfas on National.

            2. Bluebird Cafe
              8572 National Boulevard
              Culver City, California 90232

              The above is there new website, google lists their old defunct website first for some reason. I like their pressed turkey Reuben, but it's made the way I like, lots of Russian and cheese, mmm. Their burger is good IF you eat there. Sometimes they have an ahi tuna burger special that my coworkers love, but I've never had. Oh, the tomtato, basil and mozzarella sandwich is also good. I've never had breakfast there, but I'm sure it's good if lunch and their baked goods are any indication.

              My preference would be:
              1. Bluebird
              2. Surfas (close second to Bluebird, sometimes there "reinterpretations" of dishes just don't appeal to me.
              )3. Tender Greens (agree with previous poster, it seems overpriced, although it's probably really no more expensive than the other two.)

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                I also rec their roasted veggie sandwich, it's SOOO yummy and feels good to get loads of veggies in for lunch before you have one of their nummy cupcakes... :)


              2. On Washington Place just east of Sepulveda is a little spot called Metro in a hotel.

                They have very nice, almost elegant, breakfast dishes and a fine lunch menu.

                Metro has a Serbian connection and a number of Serb specialties.

                Just another suggestion ...