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Dec 14, 2006 12:43 AM

Zenchi in Studio City?

Anyone been yet? I think I may swing by tonight for dinner, but was wondering if there was any feedback from people who may have already gone. What's the menu like? Range of prices? Is the wine list good?

I'll report back tomorrow on my findings too. :)

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  1. Haven't been yet...but I live a couple blocks away and have been watching it undergo their LONG (Coming '05...OK, '06!) construction. Thinking about going this weekend...please report back! It seemed pretty busy looking in as I drove by Saturday night. Asian fusion is right up my alley, so I'm hoping this place lives up to its anticipation.

    1. I walked in a week ago and looked at the hard as in wood menu and it looked underwhelming, yet affordably priced. Not as Asian Fusion as the name might imply.
      Does not look like wine is a major focus, or at least not yet. Am awaiting a review or two from this board soon, however.

      1. Had dinner here Wednesday night to celebrate a friend's birthday. Here's our general take:

        DECOR: Nice. Lots of wood used throughout the room, including the menus. The menus were these BIG panels of wood that were heavy and very inconventient to hold up. It might look cool, but seemed silly.

        SERVICE: Friendly but slow and inexperienced. Our waitress did small things like poor a new wine into an old glass (2 different wines), come by with the pepper mill halfway into our meal etc that showed she wasn't very experienced. She was sweet though.

        FOOD: Hit or miss. The Warm Spinach Salad with Shitake was terrific - slighly warm with slivers of mushroom and nice crunches of bacon. 2 of us ordered the Pesto-crusted Wild Salmon and agreed that the dish was bland and fishy. The Cornish Game Hen was nicely grilled and flavored. The Seared Ahi was aptly done, but I'm a bit bored with every menu in LA having this dish! The curried sweet potato fries that came with the Ahi were very good though. Entree prices were about $20-$25.

        We tried all 4 desserts on the menu, and agreed that the Chocolate Souffle was a poor soufle - very runny and too sweet. Apple Tart was nice.

        WINE LIST: Considering that their wine list was fairly small, I was surprised that their corkage was a hefty $15. The wines on the list ranged from $25-$50 and were all reasonably priced but not that interesting.

        In all, we had a nice time and am happy that we tried someplace new but I'm not rushing to go back. I would prefer MAX if I wanted asian-fusion in the Vallley. I'm not sure if it's going to survive either - it's a bit pricey for a neighborhood place.

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          Thanks so much for the review! Sounds like it might be hit or miss. I'll give it a try! I hope they're successful...seems like they spent a lot of time and money on the bells and whistles.