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Dec 14, 2006 12:20 AM

[DFW] -- Has anyone tried "BBQ Man"?

I passed by an old, repainted school bus sporting the subject sign, parked in a liquor store parking lot at the corner of Maple and Wycliff today.

Around 2:30 p.m., it was billowing smoke and had signs advertising 99-cent brisket sandwiches, and two- and three-meat platters. Around 5:15, when I passed by again, it looked like there were a couple of customers and I was tempted to pull in to check it out. Unfortunately, I was headed north in a hurry and didn't get a chance to stop. Has anyone tried this eccentric barbecue-mobile (I assume it can still be mobile...)?

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  1. Scott reported on this a wild back on his website, Seems like a place to avoid. Though I've never have tried it personally.

    1. Kirk,

      "Mr. BBQ" does not actually cook any barbecue. The guy is buying from a commercial vendor and reselling the meats in that convenience store. The pit (and billowing smoke) is just for show, since nothing is cooked in it. As the guy put it, "People drive by, see and smell the smoke, and think, 'Barbecue sounds good right now!' and come in and buy." (Maybe he learned that trick from the legendary Sonny Bryan's on Inwood.)

      For the old report on the place, go here: .


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        I should have known that you had investigated "Mr. BBQ," Scott. And, like Sonny Bryan's, this place ALMOST sucked me in. On a more positive note, I did resist the temptation, and now, without question, will continue to do so. In much the same way that I will henceforth decline to purchase single-plantation chocolates for >$1,000 a pound from NOKA.