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Dec 14, 2006 12:12 AM

Oslo, one lunch, one dinner, HELP

looking for fun, delicious Norwegian food! Just came from Stockholm-did Pelican beerhouse near Metro stop Stanskull(sp?)and Backfickian(sp?). Enjoyed both. Already had reindeer and Swedish Caviar as well as "Placie"(incl: roe, mmm)with beets and caper. Stayed at the Clarion Stockholm, loved it and, the breakfast-total foodie spread. Anyone who likes food would be in heaven with their b-fast smorgasbord! hear Greta's Kok not so good.

Tomorrow, business is taking me to "Terra" which sounds like a Med place.:(

I am more interested in a Lunch and Dinner in places where I can try the cuisine of the Vikings, or this land, in general. Gorgeous here, maybe I was mistakenly born in California.

I eat anything and price is not a deterrent. Eating and drinking 120 kroner glasses of wine, 275 mains so far, why stop?

Thanks, back to SF on Sat. Any reply welcome.

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  1. If you are interested in local ingredients with a modern twist, my favourite restaurant in Oslo is Palace Grill (site in Norwegian only
    )They only do a 9-course tasting menu with a focus on seafood, which changes daily based on availability of ingredients. The price runs from NOK 750-900 depending on the night's menu, excluding wine. They have amazing wines by the glass - gowith the waiter's recommendations. They only have 23 seats and do not take reservations, so you need to arrive by 6pm if you want to guarantee a place. Dinner only