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Dec 13, 2006 11:50 PM

Where To Buy Best Cabbage Rolls????

Don't think I'll be making them this Christmas. The cabbage rolls I make are on the small size, in a very light tomato sauce, and filling is a combination of mainly rice/meat/fried salt pork! I think I'll be looking to buy some take out cabbage rolls around Dec. 23rd/24th and North Toronto, Mississauga, even into the city is fine, but I am wanting to take home excellent ones. Your fine and kind advice appreciated!!!

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  1. We recently ordered cabbage rolls for a party from Mak Deli at 1335 Lawrence East (w. of Victoria Park). They were very good, and, I think, simmilar to the style you're looking for. IIRC, the small ones were $1.00 each (they're actually what I consider average size - the large ones are huge!). They have a web site: Eastern European delis were just recently discussed in a thread about bourek:

    1. Thanks, I was planning to got to Mak Deli for many of it's other great items, just never searched out cabbage rolls. Anything west also apprecicated!

      1. Blue Danube Hungarian Deli - Between Kipling and Islington (closer to Islington) south of Bloor, north of Queensway -- I THINK they are on Advance but I'm not sure... (don't have my map handy, sorry) -- they are in the same neighbourhood as the main Sweet Gallery.
        They have great cabbage rolls in their frozen section - you can buy ahead and have at home or you can call them and see if they are making them fresh at all. I'm not sure when / how often they make them.

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          Will be in that area as well as East End at Mak Deli as per other suggestion and to cover the Bloor-Jane area will get not only cabbage rolls, but many more items! By the way, my reason to not make my own this year involves purchasing many other Deli specialties!!!!Thanks!!!

        2. It occured to me that Mak may not have cabbage rolls all the time. As I mentioned, we pre-ordered. If you're going specifically for cabbage rolls, you should call first (

          1. Thanks for help, in a few days, I will be circling Metro and have a family list and organized route, so I'll be sure to do fine. I have received ideas also to use in the future, so that will be helful. Super Thanks, will have several items to pick up at Mak!