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Dec 13, 2006 11:13 PM


I went to Bogota on 5th Ave. for the first time last night. My husband and I shared Platano Rellenos, an app that was made from a sweet plantain stuffed with spicy chicken with a rich chipotle sauce and sour cream. It was darn tasty! I then had the Ropa Vieja, shredded skirt steak with beans and yellow rice, and kale, as my sides. The kale was simply prepared, which i enjoyed. I could taste a hint of garlic. The beans and rice were kind of bland. I actually got more liquid than beans. The streak was fine, although for my taste I might have liked a little more salt and heat in everything. My husband had the Bacalao with sides of white rice and black beans and plantains.The plantains were good and sweet - which was actually a testament to nature more than to the chef. The beans were okay - not great. The bacalao was very disappointing. The flavor wasn't terrible, but the fish was extremely dry. How could that even be? I didn't care for the decor. The mish mosh of decorative items and styles just went a bit too far for me. My server was nice, but unfortunately for her it was a slooooooooooow night. Unless there was some type of mad rush before or after we sat for dinner, the poor thing must have had a dull and less than prosperous evening.

All in all, it was okay, but since it's not in my 'hood, I doubt that I'll ever go ut of my way to go back.

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  1. I'm sorry you didn't have a good experience. I haven't been there in a few months, but I've always had great food when I'm there. Love the arepas, the platains and the mojitos, and I forget what I've gotten for entrees but I've never been disappointed.

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      1. That last (and last) time we went to Bogota we had a ridiculously horrible experience. We were a party of six on a Saturday night (I'd say it was about January of 2006). The place was extremely busy, so we expected to wait. We got there, and the greeter told us 45 minutes. Ok, we doubted 45 minutes, but we figured maybe an hour. We got a drink at the front bar and sat up front. All good. Then after an hour, we asked about the table again...sorry...not ready yet, will be soon. After another while, we asked again...told the same thing. Finally after between 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 hours, we were seated. (Annoying, especially given the lowball 45 minute quote at the outset, but whatever. We were happy to just be seated.)

        We get to the table, and are waiting a good 15-20 minutes before anyone comes to take our orders. We order, everyone orders apps and entrees, and it takes no less than half an hour for our apps to arrive. On the way, a waiter delivers our appetizers to the wrong table. I suspected that that had been our food, but I wasn't sure because, hey, other people may order what I order. So, anyway, the waiter delivers our food to the wrong table. The couple at that table look at the food, a bit perplexed. They take a scoop of the food, and then put it back, realizing that that wasn't their food. They contact the waiter, tell them it wasn't their food. The waiter, realizing the mistake, then takes the food from their table AND DELIVERS IT TO OUR TABLE. Because apparently the waiter thought that at this point, having waited as long as we had, we would eat anything, even food that had been scooped up by complete strangers!!!

        They send the apps away and redeliver them (probably the same plates, but at least the illusion of freshly prepared food is important). We are upset by this point. The waiter gets the co-owner/manager, I believe his name was George. He apologizes to us. But he actually had the nerve to say...I'm sorry you had to wait and for the mix-ups. But as you can see, its very busy and you are a large party (6 people is large but hardly out-of-order to expect decent service). He then tells us that if we really wanted to get the full "Bogota experience", we should come during the week, not on a Friday or Saturday. BOGOTA EXPERIENCE? What kind of restaurant warns it customers that it will have a substandard experience just because they are busy! We couldn't believe it.

        Our entrees came and the rest of the meal went without event. But when it came time to decide on dessert, we all quickly said no, and went over the chocolate room instead.

        I've not gone back since. Perhaps I am missing out on the "Bogota experience", but that's just one experience I'll have to live without.