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Dec 13, 2006 10:56 PM

New NY style pizza place in Del Sur (off the 56)

i went last night.. it just opened. Pretty darn good. Its called Mario's NY pizza and it is right by westview high school. Thin slices, good toppings, i actually ate quite a bit of the pie. We got the extra pep/cheese pizza. The wings were average. Didnt try a salad.

I like it better than bronx personally but i know everyone in SD thinks that place is the BEST.

anyway, anyone that wants a decent slice, check this place out.

you're welcome!

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  1. Because everybody loves a hypocrite, I'm going to respond to a post older than 6 months.

    I stopped by Mario's yesterday, as I was in the area on business. I got two slices for lunch - a meat combo and a Margherita. I thought they were quite good, especially the latter. The crust was a little drier, a little more "crackery" than the often-discussed Bronx Pizza, which may make it more or less "authentic" NY pizza (I'll leave that up to the experts).

    I'm not sure how much delivery or carry-out business this place does in the evenings, but that location isn't the best in the world for summer lunch traffic. I'm not sure if the Westview High students go there during the school year.