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Dec 13, 2006 10:49 PM

West LA private room

I need a restaurant in West LA that has a nice small private room for about 10-12. Prefer to be able to order off the regular menu as well. Any feedback is much appreciated. Looking to spend about 40-50 per person (maybe slightly more.)

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  1. Il Moro on Olympic (near Sepulveda) has a private room that I think fits your criteria. . . Food wasn't my favorite when I was there, but many people on this board seem to love it. The private room is really nice. . .

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      Just thought of one more place. . .Musha in Sm has a private room. Not sure how many people they hold, but it would be a fun option where I'm pretty sure you can order off the regular menu.

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        i totally agree re il moro.

        another italian option is palmeri in brentwood. (11650 San Vicente Blvd; 310-442-8446). they have a small room that can accomodate your size group. i rarely see the place mentioned on this board, but i've always enjoyed it. (they don't seem to have a website. (!!!) you can check out a sample menu here

        i'm sure others will come up with other good suggestions

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          Palmeri really is terrific. Not every dish is sublime, but most of the pastas are; and fish; and appetizers; and more. An Italian friend says says the best Italian meal she ever had in the U.S. was there. I don't know how they do it while keeping the prices at a moderate level.

      2. vicenti in brentwood also has a private room that can accomodate at least 12.

        1. The Wilshire has a really cool all glass "floating" room that is on the back patio area between the tall buildings of Santa Monica. It's really cool. The food is yummy there and the chef does organic stuff.

          1. Upstairs2 at the Winehouse