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Dec 13, 2006 10:45 PM

Shrimps from Costco

Needed the normal water, diet coke and bleach for the front walkway and decided to grab some shrimps as well, U-15 for 11/lb, great buy.

Peeled, tossed with evoo, s&p some other seasoning and into saute pan. EVERYONE LOVED THE SHRIMP. they all asked where i got them and when I told them Costco, first that "OMG Taco Bell scare" then the "heh, we've eaten their steaks a bunch an they were great, why not the shrimps."

Once you get over the psychology of buying shrimp in a wholesale super store, these are a great buy. Think of the volume and turnover of stuff.

Bubba Gump is smiling :-)))

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  1. Jfood, In Costco's refrigeration (not freezer) section, they sell Phillips canned crab meat. You get a full 1-lb can of crab for $14.00--an unbelievable deal. The crab is excellent and makes very good crab cakes or crab melts.

    1. If you're talking about the frozen shrimp in the freezer section they're excellent. They come deveined, peeled or unpeeled and cooked or uncooked and different sizes. They're supposedly harvested specially for Costco and none of that chemical in them that retains water so the shrimp will plump up and weigh more.

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      1. re: monku

        nope, these were fresh in the fish section.

        1. re: jfood

          Thanks for the tip. I'm usually attracted to the king crab legs while I'm in that fresh fish section.
          But their frozen shrimp are a good deal too and convenient.

          1. re: jfood

            Just about all shrimp sold in the States are imported frozen. The stuff in the fish section is defrosted so if you're not going to cook it the same day, ask the counterman to pull some of the still frozen stock for you.

        2. I buy most of my shrimp from Costco. Always great.

          Out of curiostity, how on earth did people get Costco and the Taco Bell scare mixed together??


          1. I've been buying either the medium or large sized frozen shrimp from Costco for several years, but it seems the last couple of bags I've gotten have gone downhill in quality. The shrimp had that sawdusty texture in several of the dishes I made over a period of time. Not sure how much of it is a regional warehouse standard, bad luck, or decrease in Costco quality.

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              The ones I had about two weeks ago were perfect. Not sure what the problem could be. I doubt it's "Costco Quality." That said, they'll only be as good as their suppliers.
              If it keeps up, send them a note. If it's a real problem, they'll find a new supplier.