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Dec 13, 2006 10:08 PM

Oliver & Bonacini Grill

Had lunch there today with a friend....made reservations on Monday...we arrived right on time gave our name and was told no you don't have a reservation...but I can read my name upside down and spotted it smack-dab on the list and pointed to it..oh yes excuse me right this way...we ordered the special of the day...a Tuna arrived quickly...and I asked the waiter if he would cut the Burger in half...he said I can take it Back to the Kitchen and do that but you'll have to pay for friend and I thought at first he was joking...he was not...we picked up our knives and cut into what was a mediocre Burger with a tasteless slice of rock hard tomato which neither of even First and Last time there...Miranda

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  1. Is what you are saying that you and a freind ordered one burger between the two of you and asked the server to take it back cut it in half and put it on two plates one for you and one for your freind? and I am assuming there was a side with it that also needed to be split?

    If this is the case I agree that you should be charged extra, you are taking up two seats dirtying two plates, making extra work for your server and only eating and paying for one meal... It is like having a minimum charge per person.

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    1. re: OnDaGo

      Hi there...we each had a Burger with a side...Miranda

      1. re: miranda

        I've been there a few times and have never been disappointed. It's worth a second try and go for something more exciting than a tuna burger.

        1. re: miranda

          you each had a burger but you didn't want to cut them with your own knives? I'm confused.

      2. I find that very surprising. I have eaten there quite a few times, and while it's not the best food in the city, the waiters have always been very accommodating, and the food has always been tasty.

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        1. re: Full tummy

          I have been there many times. Because I have a child.

          I agree with Miranda. This place is the definition of mediocre.

          The food ranges from moderately tasty to absolute crap. Their breakfast plate is worse than those for half the price at Steve's, which is not much of a restaurant itself. O&B's eggs benedict are hard with gloopy canned Hollandaise. Home fries are frozen potato cubes.

          Service is usually friendly, but often extremely inattentive.

          Oliver & Bonacini should screw off. Their chain of restaurants lost its charm some time ago.

          1. re: Full tummy

            The last time I was there was the day after Rememberance Day. I ordered quiche and the waiter came back a few minutes later telling me they had no quiche because it was a holiday. When I asked what holiday it was he said it was Rememberance Day - apparently that's become a holiday when only skeleton staff works and that's why there was no quiche. It was quite silly and the waiter was pretty nice but I still thought it was quite strange. I wouldn't have even mentioned it if something similar hadn't happened the time before as well.

            Overall, the food there isn't bad but I find it a bit expensive for the quantity that you get. It's not exactly fine dining but they sure know how to charge!

            1. re: EB_TO

              I ate there around the same time as EB TO, and had a similar experience - had an omelette (egg white version) with some sort of tomato-based topping, which was awful, with a wilted side salad. I can cook far better myself, and the prices are obscene for what you get. Service was quite poor as well (goes to the whole idea of avoiding brunch out, I suppose).

          2. You are what you eat and you get what you pay for!

            1. Totally agree! The food was decent when it first opened but it has steadily declined. I was there with my friend in early fall, she ordered the seafood pasta and it was so SALTY. I noticed that with their food, it's either bland or too salty. I ordered tea on this visit and the water was luke warm (and on previous visits). The service is also hit or miss, at times good service and at other times terrible. Don't think I will be going back either.