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Dec 13, 2006 09:47 PM

Challah in Cobble Hil or Carroll Gardens

I know there have been many recent posts about challah in Brooklyn, but there have been no recommendations fin either of these neighborhoods. Please help!!


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  1. Staubitz on Court St. typically has challah.

    Or you could wander over to Garden of Eden in brk heights.

      1. re: orleanslaura

        Yup, the butcher....the breads are in a big bread basket by the window where you enter.

        Oh, as abrocadabro just noted today, Cobblestone does it too, forgot about them.

      2. Cobblestone carries it some days, just like Tuller used to. Very good.

        1. The french place on the corner of Smith and Dagraw has it.

          1. The Key Foods has it but it's not very good. Fine for French toast, though.