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Dec 13, 2006 09:36 PM

Is there decent food shopping in/near Peekskill NY??

I'm considering moving upstate to Peekskill after 17 years in NYC. There are a lot of things we like about the area, but we're afraid it might be hard to find good food. There's a farmer's market there, but only for half the year, and it also doesn't cover stuff like good rice, good vinegar, morels, etc etc.

Also, I tend to buy a lot of health-food store stuff like soy milk, tempeh, etc, and I don't know where I'd find that stuff either.

Does anyone have any suggestions?? There's a house we're seriously considering buying, but the food thing worries us.

Thanks for any help!


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  1. They only sell Uncle Ben's quick cooking rice, generic brand white vinegar and canned mushrooms in "upstate" Westchester County. And health food store stuff to us is Wonder wheat bread and 2% milk processed cheese food.
    Seriously, since moving to northern Westchester after living in NYC for over 30 years, I have found the food sources to be fine, and less expensive than in the big city. Most supermarkets in the area have natural food sections where they sell organic/soy/etc. products, and there are good natural markets throughout the county. In the Peekskill area, there are several interesting ethnic markets--Latin American, Italian, German, etc. The only drawback is that you need to get in your car and drive to the markets.

    1. theres an awesome restaurant called Susans in peekskill... i think its on division street.... the website is

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        I have been to Susan's twice and disliked it both times. The second time, I had a $50 coupon and really wanted to like it but couldn't. Maybe it was the pathetic chocolate fondue with a grand total of 2 strawberries, pineapple sliced too large to fit in the pot, and stale pound cake?

        The Mexican place across the street (Reubens) is pretty good, as is Zeph's

      2. Ravenna in Peekskill for pretty fine Italian, along with Zeph's for eclectic American. Susan's is OK, but not exceptional. Have NOT liked Division Street Grill. Hear there's an artisanal ice cream dude by the train station, but haven't had time to go there yet. Bakery by train station is passable for danish and that kind of thing. Haven't found a really fine cake maker up that way.

        I'll let others weigh in on Peeksill area grocery stores, as I live in Ossining. You'll want to know about Cole's Market (Old Albany Post Road 9A in Cortlandt), and consider making a run to Four Seasons in Ossining (Croton Dam Road, I think) for wide array of ethnic foods (Turksish, German, Latino, English candy bars, etc.)

        Nancy C

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          I live very near Peekskill. I agree with Marge; you won't have any real trouble finding things; you just may have to go to two stores rather than one to get *everything* you want. There's a Mrs. Greens in Yorktown for natural foods, though my A&P in Croton sells a dozen kinds of rice and has all sorts of grains etc. Agree that 4-seasons in Ossining is a great resource; I also like Zeytinia in Croton for italian and asian condiments etc., good fish and meat, and nice veggies. Coles in Montrose is small, but has good meat and fish. A&S fine foods has great italian cheeses, meats etc. You'll figure out where everything is.

        2. If you drive like a little bit into Yorktown Heights, on route 202, theres a retaurant called Grandma's. I love that place.... good food but they are famous for their pies.... SOOOO GOOOD!