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Is there decent food shopping in/near Peekskill NY??

I'm considering moving upstate to Peekskill after 17 years in NYC. There are a lot of things we like about the area, but we're afraid it might be hard to find good food. There's a farmer's market there, but only for half the year, and it also doesn't cover stuff like good rice, good vinegar, morels, etc etc.

Also, I tend to buy a lot of health-food store stuff like soy milk, tempeh, etc, and I don't know where I'd find that stuff either.

Does anyone have any suggestions?? There's a house we're seriously considering buying, but the food thing worries us.

Thanks for any help!


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  1. They only sell Uncle Ben's quick cooking rice, generic brand white vinegar and canned mushrooms in "upstate" Westchester County. And health food store stuff to us is Wonder wheat bread and 2% milk processed cheese food.
    Seriously, since moving to northern Westchester after living in NYC for over 30 years, I have found the food sources to be fine, and less expensive than in the big city. Most supermarkets in the area have natural food sections where they sell organic/soy/etc. products, and there are good natural markets throughout the county. In the Peekskill area, there are several interesting ethnic markets--Latin American, Italian, German, etc. The only drawback is that you need to get in your car and drive to the markets.

    1. theres an awesome restaurant called Susans in peekskill... i think its on division street.... the website is susansinpeeksill.com

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        I have been to Susan's twice and disliked it both times. The second time, I had a $50 coupon and really wanted to like it but couldn't. Maybe it was the pathetic chocolate fondue with a grand total of 2 strawberries, pineapple sliced too large to fit in the pot, and stale pound cake?

        The Mexican place across the street (Reubens) is pretty good, as is Zeph's

      2. Ravenna in Peekskill for pretty fine Italian, along with Zeph's for eclectic American. Susan's is OK, but not exceptional. Have NOT liked Division Street Grill. Hear there's an artisanal ice cream dude by the train station, but haven't had time to go there yet. Bakery by train station is passable for danish and that kind of thing. Haven't found a really fine cake maker up that way.

        I'll let others weigh in on Peeksill area grocery stores, as I live in Ossining. You'll want to know about Cole's Market (Old Albany Post Road 9A in Cortlandt), and consider making a run to Four Seasons in Ossining (Croton Dam Road, I think) for wide array of ethnic foods (Turksish, German, Latino, English candy bars, etc.)

        Nancy C

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          I live very near Peekskill. I agree with Marge; you won't have any real trouble finding things; you just may have to go to two stores rather than one to get *everything* you want. There's a Mrs. Greens in Yorktown for natural foods, though my A&P in Croton sells a dozen kinds of rice and has all sorts of grains etc. Agree that 4-seasons in Ossining is a great resource; I also like Zeytinia in Croton for italian and asian condiments etc., good fish and meat, and nice veggies. Coles in Montrose is small, but has good meat and fish. A&S fine foods has great italian cheeses, meats etc. You'll figure out where everything is.

        2. If you drive like a little bit into Yorktown Heights, on route 202, theres a retaurant called Grandma's. I love that place.... good food but they are famous for their pies.... SOOOO GOOOD!

            1. Thanks for the information, everyone...it's very helpful!


              1. Peekskill has gone through a renaissance in the last twenty years or so, when i grew up there, you couldn't find any of the things that you are seeking, but now, you can find just about anything in town, or within a 15-30 minute drive (croton, ossining, yorktown, Tarrytown, or further south). There's a huge stop n shop that has most of what you're searching for, as well as lots of smaller shops that you'll find as you explore the area.

                Granted, southern westchester probably has a larger selection of good restaurants, but you won't have to travel *that* far to get to some of them.

                1. OK, so first of all, Peekskill is NOT upstate. Albany is upstate (and it's probably mid-state if you want to be picky about it).

                  As Donna mentioned, Zeytinia in Croton is a good spot. They are owned by the same guy who runs Amish Market in NYC, if that gives you the warm fuzzies.

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                    MisterBill2, interesting info about the owners of Amish Market in NYC. Went into one not long ago after a meal at Uncle Nick's on the West Side of Manhattan just out of curiousity. What I want to know is, outside of the buffet they had going inside, what is so Amish about it?

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                      No idea why they call it that. I was not all that impressed with the one you're talking about on 9th Avenue. The one in Hyde Park is much nicer, as is Zeytinia.

                  2. Grab a coffee and take a ride to Whole Foods in White Plains......Have lunch at the Cheesecake Factory!

                    1. Hey Alice, we have been living in Peekskill for 10yrs now and love it. 2 A&P's, Shoprite, Super Stop and Shop and numerous little markets in and around downtown. BJ's is right on 202 and Food Emporium in Yorktown and I think there's even a Turco's. Can't make a mistake moving up here, after all, according to Westchester mag, we're one of the six up and coming cities to buy in. Plus there's a Walmart; what more can you ask for. Believe me, you'll have no problems. Susan's restaurant is good, Rubens mexican across the street is better and Zephs is the absolute best.

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                        Actually, you missed the biggest news -- Target is opening a store in Peekskill.

                        I keep wondering how Food Emporium stays in business, it's rarely busy. I think that A&P takes a loss on that store so they don't have to close it and let another competitor move in.

                        PS the Turcos in Yorktown is now the ONLY Turcos, since he sold his Hartsdale store.

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                          PS I was referring to Food Emporium in Yorktown. Obviously others in the chain do very well.

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                          I agree ...Peekskill really is great and there are lots of resources now. Let's not brag about or refer newcomers to Walmart though...

                        3. Actually, you missed the biggest news -- Target is opening a store in Peekskill.

                          ohhhhhh where??

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                            Down by the waterfront, by the garbage treatment plant maybe? Some of the town council people thought that Target was not appropriate for Peekskill, they wanted something different, but no one else bid so they had to take their offer. Tough luck, eh?

                          2. Alice W. Ever move to Peekskill? Coles is a great market. I was just there.

                            1. Turco's has good cheeses, meat and fish (sometimes the meat is hit or miss) but also a nice selection of veggies. and if they made their peasant bread for the day it's a must try. I also like Zeytinia, pricey steaks but worth it. The local A&P, Stop & Shop and Shoprite all have health food areas in the store (just note that if you are looking for soy milk it could be in a seperate section then regular milk. I know the shoprite in Croton has their organic milk/soy milk in the first aisle while the regular milk is a totally different part of the store. Coles in Montrose has a pretty decent butcher shop in the back as well as a nice deli in the front of the store. I would say within a 20 mile radius you can find just about anything you need. As far as restaurants there's a wide variety, you can get good Italian at Taromina's in Peekskill or Tutte Bene in Croton or Josephines in Yorktown (not sure if it's Cortlandt or Yorktown but it's out on Rt.202) and Little Sorrento is also out there which is good. For good Indian you should try India House in Montrose and down the street from that is a good Spanish place I think it's called Tenapa, it's on the Montrose/Croton border. In Croton there is the Ocean House for good Seafood and Justin Thyme for good burgers/wings American type food and good Martinis.Several good sushi places in Yorktown, Croton (where the habatchi place is) and Briarcliff). I'm just scratching the surface here but you get the idea, we don't live in a vast wasteland as some have suggested on other threads but you do need a car to get around.

                              1. I agree with most of these folks. You can get everything you're looking for, you just have to look a little harder. Turco's in Yorktown Heights is a great place for meat and fish and they have an extensive cheese department. That's my first stop when having a dinner party. Mr's Green's and the major chain grocery stores will carry the organic choices.
                                There is a farmer's market, but the best one in the area is Ossining.
                                What you will notice lacking is the take-out. There is none. Maybe Chinese and Italian and that's not really passable. It's a good thing you like to cook!
                                If you end up there, try Juliana's restaurant. We're huge fans!

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                                    Yes, I forgot about Juliana'a, a little out of the way but worth it. Can't believe I forgot Zeph's and Kathleen's Tea Room (wonderful, charming lunches there).

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                                      Another vote for Juliana's, and since it's a little hard to find:

                                  2. re: jillinwestchester

                                    I went to Juliana's last night, I hadn't been there in a couple years, and I have to say it was really good and quite reasonable. I had a skirt steak that had no fat in it and DH had a homemade cavatelli dish that he really enjoyed. The calamari and the clams as appetizers were prepared differently but both very good. Thumbs up all around including the bartender who knows how to make a lemon drop martini in the right size glass!!

                                    1. re: GIOny

                                      Thanks for posting this, GIO. This is a place I've been meaning to get to for months now. Good to know that you enjoyed it!

                                  3. MisterBill--for some of us who are from the city or the boroughs, we do consider Peekskill to be "upstate." I still do, even though I've lived here now for over 10 years.

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                                      I am from Queens (and Long Island along the way). I used to think of the area as upstate but now laugh at people (and especially news reports) that refer to it like that. Actually, Putnam County is upstate. Peekskill is just "north and west of the city", or "the northern suburbs".

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                                        I don't even consider Putnam upstate. Albany/ north of Albany is upstate, though I suppose technically anywhere north of anywhere can be considered upstate. But it does roast my bottom slightly when I hear people refer to Westchester as upstate, as if it's a million miles away.

                                        To keep it on topic, I don't really recommend Kathleen's. Waaaaaaay too cramped in there, and the food is average. Staff is nice though.

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                                          I'm not in your area, but all of our friends in Westchester and Putnam go to a place called Stewed Leonard (or some variation?). They swear by it for what they consider "quality" ingredients. These are people in Brewster, Mt. Kisco, Danbury(CT), etc. Maybe that's a place to check out.

                                          Oh, and Yonkers/Westchester *is* upstate for us city-folk. And north of Albany, as DH refers to it is "the north country". :)

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                                            you mean Stew Leonard's in Yonkers (def not upstate)

                                            or Danbury, CT (ditto

                                            Stew's is good but it def does not have everything anyone could want. But good for dairy products and meat and sometimes bakery items

                                          2. re: MisterBill2

                                            I use to live/work in the Bronx and my friends would call Yonkers upstate! lol

                                          3. re: Stephdap

                                            Yes, people from Long Island and the City consider the Bronx upstate. It's pretty funny.

                                            1. re: hudsonvalleyfoodblog

                                              Let's be fair. They consider anything NORTH of The Bronx upstate. I live in Yorktown, which I guess we used to think of as "the country".

                                          4. Big news in Peekskill this week -- they've opened a new supermarket, a C-Town, downtown on Park Street next to the DMV, across from the parking garage. I went there today and it's quite nice. It's bigger than I thought it would be, turns out it was a very deep store (it used to be the lingerie factory a while ago). They have a decent produce department, and waaaay in the back is a full service fish counter with many varieties of whole fish. I did not buy the fish, would like to hear a review from someone else before I try it (prices were very reasonable, they had tuna for $5.99/lb).

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                                              WOW.. there's a supermarket in the old Lingerie Factory?? My, how things have changed!! I will have to drive up to Peekskill just to check out C-Town and see how they have changed the old factory (I grew up in peekskill, and remember going to the factory/store with my mom as a little girl).

                                              I'm interested in checking out the fish - getting whole fish anywhere in Westchester can be tough!

                                            2. I lived in NYC for several years and just moved up to Dutchess County which is actually about 15 or so miles north of Peekskill. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the food choices. You might have to put in a little more effort then you did in the city but it's out there. In fact I now have more quality providers in the Wappingers area then I did when I lived on 52nd st in manhattan.

                                              The city of Peekskill is still coming around but I would recommend a place called Susan's for dinner.

                                              1. Markets

                                                The Peekskill Market CTown has a nice produce & fish department

                                                The Stop & Shop on Rt. 6 (Main Street) in Peekskill has a very nice organic department.

                                                The Portobello Cafe is a very good Italian/Mexican restaurant on Albany Post Road in Montrose, with the menu changing weekly. It only seats 16 to 18 so make sure you call ahead of time.

                                                Ruben's Cafe is a fun place for mexican food and they also have jazz.

                                                Shops in Peekskill for unique gifts

                                                The Coop on S. Division Street
                                                Shades of Green on N. Division Street

                                                FYI Ravennas on has closed

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                                                  If you want really nice food (and don't mind your wallet getting a bit light), then go to Zeytinia's in Croton for soem great food shopping. It's not Zabar's, but it's the same idea.

                                                  1. re: dropkin

                                                    Zeytinia's is owned by the same people as Amish Market in Manhattan (and Queens and Hyde Park).

                                                  2. re: gracetjp

                                                    How is the quality of the fish at the Peekskill C-Town? It looks pretty decent.

                                                    I believe that Ravenna's has re-opened.

                                                    1. re: MisterBill2

                                                      surely you jest! none of it is healthy...poor fish monger leaves a million bones so you really can't enjoy it. Not that fresh. Mostly farm raised, nothing much that is wild caught...not a great selection either unless you're a big croaker fan or corvina.

                                                      1. re: McCART

                                                        When I posted that, they were selling fresh tuna for $6-7/lb and it was cut fresh for you. I didn't buy the other stuff. As for your other complaints, honestly, what do you expect in a market like that?

                                                        As Donna said, go to Zeytinia, or drive down to Whole Foods or the new Fairway (although I assume you will find something to complain about that as well).

                                                  3. last year we traveled to peekskill for a concert.we decided to go up early to grab a bite and check out the area.we were quite dissapointed unfortunately.i was thinking it would be like tarrytown or sleepy hollow with some shopping and a good restaurant selection.it seemed like a pretty depressed area and the one block of eateries we found only really catered to the out of towners coming in for concerts.i would think the locals probably wouldn't frequent the pricier places like these.did we miss something or is that the general feel there these days?

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                                                      If you missed Zephs', you missed the best one of the best restaurants in all of Westchester. Housed in a historic mill building on an unassuming sidestreet in Peekskill. Consistently wonderful food, great hospitality, reasonable wine list and good service. Not flashy, not pretentious, but great food in the 10+ years that we've lived here. Their backyard garden is coming into bloom, so summer's a great time to visit. Give us another try.

                                                      1. re: davmar77

                                                        davmar, that's exactly why this old thread has reappeared! We're heading into Peekskill in September for a concert and wondered if there was any good Mexican joints (we're in the Berkshires and usually go into Poughkeepsie for our Mexican food and groceries.)
                                                        It sounds like we're better off stopping in Poughkeepsie and then heading into Peekskill for the show.

                                                        1. re: cowgirlinthesand

                                                          Ruben's Cafe, mentioned in an earlier post, is pretty decent Mexican. Their menu on their website:


                                                          1. re: MisterBill2

                                                            not really...bland at best. lots of bones in the chicken soup, not chicken, especially if you get there after 7...I'd give it one star...it's unimpressive and the place can be so noisy with the terrible bands they put in there.....drink the free tequila that is passed around, then you'll have a good time.

                                                          2. re: cowgirlinthesand

                                                            search sleepy hollow mexican on valley street- authentic, terrific- chowhound recommends it!

                                                            1. re: yeshana

                                                              Yes, the Mexican place in Sleepy Hollow is great but I can't see sending someone coming from the north to Peekskill all the way down there for dinner.

                                                              1. re: MisterBill2

                                                                he's moving to peekskill. I commute to peekskill from irvington 2x per week- 20 minutes only- we all go that far for food , don't we?i sometimes drive to fairway to do a big shopping gig and always go to trader's in hartsdale- that takes me 20 minutes most of the time navigating traffic.it sounded as if he said he's moving from nyc to the north- referring to peekskill. that's how i understood it.

                                                        2. The food sucks in Peekskill....I moved here 3 years ago from Manhattan, the grocery stores, such as they are, are horrible....in the city itself, 4mi radius..limited at best, mostly what I call ghetto snacks...nothing organic, forget it.. Some Spanish food stuffs, but hardly anything that falls into the category of healthy, there are some herbs in bags, none fresh, produce ok but not organic...lots of processed crap. Outside the town, bigger markets sell some organic stuff, Shop Right has an aisle...good luck, it's not Manhattan, trust me. Plus everything closes so early, better get it before 9pm...restaurants are pretty good...but again, not if you're a vegan or even a vegetarian...lots of wine and beer though, what else?

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                                                          1. re: McCART

                                                            Well it's clear you have a very specific attitude about living around here. I think you are doing a disservice to the poster (and the area) in contrast to the many posts here which point out the gems in the area (which there are). All depends on your attitude I suppose. (And I moved here from the San Francisco Bay area, so I know what we have, and also what we don't have. I'll say again that Zeytinia is one of those gems, at least for me.

                                                          2. Turcos Market in Yorktown is a family run large market with great meat, seafood and vegetables.

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                                                              Actually, now that you restarted this thread, there is a new place called Valley Market on Rt 6 next to Shoprite. They only have deli, seafood and produce (and minimal dairy).I was very impressed with their produce -- not fancy but good quality and excellent prices. Turcos is fancier and much more expensive but I don't think their produce quality is any better than what I saw at Valley Market.

                                                              Valley Market
                                                              RR 6, Jefferson Valley, NY 10535