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Future of Angelique Cafe and what if I need a good place for steak frites?

There was a note in today's LA Times food section that the Angelique Cafe owners were "selling" and looking to open a restaurant on the Westside. Interesting that they held out all these years in a tough location and now when the neighborhood is finally starting to take off they are getting out. Or maybe the potential of the area jacked the price up enough so they could move west.

Anyway, my prime concern is that is my favorite place in town to get steak frites, a great value at $13.99 and served with the thin frites that I prefer, may no longer be. Anyone know if Angelique will stay open as a French place and if not, where else can I get a good plate of steak frites that doesn't cost more than $15 or so?

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  1. yay, they are coming to my neck of the woods. =)

    1. An alterate for cheap steak frites with a less bohemian vibe is Taix on Sunset in Echo Park. Steak Frites at lunch is only $13.95 and includes soup or salad. At dinner it's $13.95 al la carte or $19.00 with soup and salad. Skip the included sherbert at both lunch and dinner.
      If you find the dining room too stuffy, you can sit in the bar, which is pretty fun.

      1. You might try Pete's Cafe (downtown, on Main). Flat iron steak with blue cheese fries is $15 at lunch, $17 at dinner. I know the blue cheese fries have lots of fans on this board but I find them soggy and gloppy. Substitute shoestring fries instead.

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          I had that combo at Pete's before and I found the steak soggy and gloppy as well. The fries I found fairly putrid. As for them using the bar tender as your server... well let's just say I won't be back any time soon.

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            thats when i break out the forks. mmm!

          2. Goto NOOK BISTRO ... flat iron steak frites for $12.

            For a bit more at around $20, try LUCQUES, but offers its version only at lunch, however.

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              Believe it's also on their late night bar menu. (It's one of my favorites.)

            2. Lost on the menu to the ubiquitous burger, Father's Office has a pretty good version although I have occasionally had a not so great piece of meat but the frites are thin and crispy and always good.

              1. crepe and vine in Pasadena does excellent bistro food, awesome fries.

                1. Not regarding steak frites, but re: Angelique Cafe - my SO and I have been there several times since moving to downtown last summer and have always enjoyed it - HOWEVER, last weekend we ordered to go, and he had a horrible experience. All he was trying to do was pick up the food, and it took the better part of an hour - and the worst thing was, the food was sitting right there on the counter, but they wouldn't give it to him! So this may be symptomatic of the demise of Angelique Cafe...

                  1. Angelique is still open for business. Same menu, same staff, new owner.

                    The url for the former [original] owners' new Charcutrie business is: http://www.oalabouche.com

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                      does anyone know where are these guys located? i called and they said they are in the process of setting up a shop, but that they sell all the products from their kitchen. missed the address, something like 1st street and...? beverly?

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                        Thank you so much for this url! I am *SO* bummed about the loss of Angelique. Actually, I went there a month or so ago and thought they were awfully "down"; I didn't realize they were terminally different. Such a pity! And I rescind my mention of Angelique having good coffee!

                        This is such a loss. I hope they do find space and reopen elsewhere. It was really one of my favorite places in LA.

                      2. The LA Downtown News reports in this week's edition the buyer of Angelique Cafe is the guy who runs Cafe Beaujolais in Eagle Rock. The French menu will be maintained, hopefully the quality will too.

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                          Is this the guy who NOW runs Cafe Beaujolais or the guy who DID? The latter is the owner of Bistro de la Gare in South Pas, who sold Cafe B. about a year and a half ago. I haven't been there (CB that is) since it changed hands, but they used to have a perfectly proper steak frites. Bistro de la Gare has a good'n, too, but they don't call it that - it's a big ribeye with green peppercorn/cognac sauce on a pile of regulation-sized skinny fries, for about $19.

                          Anyway, it's a shame if Angelique has lost its lovely flavor. The account from aching, above, sounds like that has happened.

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                            Sounds like NOW, see the LA Downtown News website if Chowhound blocks the link:


                        2. damnit, that's my favorite steak frites too. cafe beaujolais in eagle rock pales in comparison to angelique. i thought something was up when they changed their fence in front.

                          1. For about $15 you can get some steak frites at La Dijonnaise in Culver City. The steak is a bit thin but it is a rib-eye. I thought that it was good and tasty for the price.


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                              i'll second la dijonnaise in CC. although, i wish i had a chance to try angelique under its former owners.

                            2. One of my favorite little spots is Madame Matisse in Silverlake - very much a similar vibe as Angelique's. They are open daily for breakfast and lunch and serve steak frites for 11.95. Flat iron steak with a giant pile of skinny fries.

                              1. Le Mistral in Sherman Oaks on Ventura Blvd. between Fulton and Woodman. Great food and ambience with a little bit of a noise level problem. Great staff and a good w3ine list although there corkage fee is not exorbitant. I like their steak frites but I prefer the steak tartare with frites and a great glass of red wine.