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Dec 13, 2006 09:25 PM

Best Lunch with no jacket or tie required

Looking to take my very casual brother out for a memorable lunch. So I am looking for a restaurant with great food and service, but a fairly casual dress code. I can probably coax a shirt and real pants out of him, I hope. Thanks for any help!

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  1. Few restaurants require jacket and tie these days, so this is a very broad request. Any food preferences? Price range? Neighborhood?

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    1. re: Lucia

      French, New American... No neighborhood in mind, No price limit but tasting menu or interesting prix fixe might be nice. Thanks again

      1. re: Pernod

        Fleur de Sel, Perry Street, Bouley, but there are many others. If you do a search for prix fixe, you'll find other threads. Most restaurants mentioned don't require coat and tie.

    2. Eleven Madison Park.

      But do get the lunch items and not eggs or pancakes.
      Chef Daniel's cuisine rocks!

      I saw a few folks in jeans there for brunch saturday.

      1. Most places are fairly relaxed for lunch, so if you can get a decent shirt and pants on your brother, you should be good to go. For a specific recommendation, I remember Jean-Georges as being very relaxed at lunchtime, to the point where I probably could have done cartwheels to my table and none of the staff would have blinked.

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        1. re: sidwich

          Are you saying you can go there W/O Jacket and tie during lunch? If so, I am so there...

          1. re: tpigeon

            I believe that you can, though the main dining room requires a jacket in the evening. As I recall, if you phone them when they are closed, you get a long recording with all sorts of info, including dress code.

        2. I second Jean-Georges for lunch - it's breathtaking. If they don't have a dress code, do try to get into the main dining room as the cafe is not the same menu.

          Gotham Bar & Grill also has a great prix fixe.

          1. Let me put it this way... I was traipsing around Manhattan most of last summer in a miniskirt, tank top and sandals, and and in addition to Jean-Georges, had no problem with any of the following at lunchtime: Bouley, Aureole, Gotham Bar & Grill, Gramercy Tavern (Tavern Room), Montrachet, etc. (I usually dress better, but it was all I had in my bag for the week). I think if your brother is wearing a decent shirt and pants, he'll be okay.

            Jean-Georges I just remember as being particularly relaxed (perhaps because they're attached to the Trump, and are probably used to anything by now), but Aureole was also wonderful about it. Generally, I think all of those restaurants are much more relaxed at lunchtime than dinner.

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              Jean-Georges is about the strictest and I've seen movie stars refused admission. They dont require jacket at lunch but they dont allow jeans or sneakers. Oh, I've seen one fellow who was expensively dressed (but with jeans) accompanied by four well-dressed beautiful women. They ordered bottle after bottle of expensive wine. Oh yeah, they were welcome!