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Dec 13, 2006 09:18 PM

Favorite New England Ski-Town for Food, Food, Food ?

Any thoughts, guys?

We've done Bennington and the Berkshires and we found a few solid spots but are looking to switch up the locale for this year's New Year's Tubing with the Toddler get-away.


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  1. What about the Mt. Snow area around Wilmington/Dover area? Mt. Snow offers tubing and then for other activities, Adams Farm in Wilmington has sleigh rides. Even if there is no snow, I think that the ski area loans them a snowmaker so they can make snow for the sleigh rides. Plus, lots of farm stuff for the kids and I think they do a New Year's Eve event, family-oriented, at the farm.

    And it's just a short ride to Brattleboro for some more "urban" treats.

    1. With the weather this year, the holdiays are going to be a wash out at ski resorts. Except for the last two weeks, its been just too warm to make snow. If it doesn't get cold agian next week, I wouldn't be surprised if some mtns. have to close during the holiday week.

      If tubing is your thing, then your choice may be made for you since I am sure most mountains will concentrate on getting ski trails open before tubing parks.

      I rented a house at Sugarbush for new years weekend for me and my friends since it is not too far from the Alchemist in Waterbury VT. I'm sure we will be hitting up American Flatbread and the Swiss Pot for french onion soup in Stowe as well.

      1. I'd say either Stowe or North Conway, though like LStaff says, it is looking like a bad holiday for the ski areas (warm temps through the middle of next week at least and no snow in sight).

        If you go, some places in Stowe to try at the Foxfire (Italian), Pie in the Sky (pizza), the Shed (burgers and beer), and Miguel's (Mexican). For North Conway, check out the Stonehurst Manor (traditional American), the Thompson House Eatery (upscale American), and the Red Parka (steak, burgers, and beer).

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          We spent a week in Stowe, in October, and really enjoyed ourself. Pie in the Sky was good, not great but definately good.We were there for a weekday lunch, they have a buffet with 4 or so types of pizza, salad and soup, good deal especially if you are hungry.

          If you are a beer fan the Shed is great. very good beer with about 5 or 6 on tap, they have a sampler which comes on a Ski. The burgers are apparently famous and were very good. I think Thursday was wing night, can't remember how much they were. We went to Miquels, the margarita were very good, buut the food was unimpressive.

          Just to the south in Waterbury we went to the Hen of the Wood, very good high end dining. I also loved the alchemist brewpub, which had awesome beer and great wings.

        2. I like North Conway, NH and the Sugar Bush/Mad River Glenn areas for food & skiing.

          1. You might want to go further north to Bethel Maine - It's colder up there and the snow will stick. Gorgeous little town with some great food spots.

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            1. re: professorbeezer

              What food spots in Bethel do you recommend? Thanks.