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Dec 13, 2006 09:01 PM

Where exactly is Chao Pthaya ??

So I get in the car and head out for lunch Tuesday in search of Chao Pthaya. I start on Easton Ave near the New Brunswick train station and head out. One looooong round trip later and feeling like a schmuck, I am back where I started none the wiser and lots hungrier.

Is it in one of the strip malls? Cross street??


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  1. IF this is the Thai restaurant I'm thinking of, it's in the strip mall near Easton Ave. and Foxwood Drive. You can enter this mall only from the southbound (eastbound?) lane of Easton Ave. The entrance is just before the light at Foxwood. There is an entrance off Foxwood, but it's not marked.

    I believe the restaurant is fairly new. I've never been to it.

    1. If your driving away from the center of New Brunswick take a left turn at the traffic light before the Boston Market (this is Foxwood Drive, the Barrood office building will be to your left). Go up Foxwood Drive ~1/10 mile, there will be a very narrow entrance to the strip mall on the right, turn right here. After you enter the parking lot the restaurant will be on the corner of the building immediately to your right. Or, if you'd rather... come up Easton Ave out of New Brunswick and take the jughandle at JFK Boulevard so you are now heading back toward NB on Easton Ave. Turn into the entrance of the IHOP and Chao Phaya will be in the back corner of the building to your left. BTW, I highly recommend this place.

      1. The mall it is in is called Somerset Village or something like that. I really liked the food although one friend thought of it as too sweet (couldn't pin her down though on what she meant). The seafood salad is exceptionally good.