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Osteria del Teatro or Casa Tua?

W'ere headed to South Beach from Bostonnext Wednesday. For my birthday dinner, which of the two would get your vote?

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  1. This reply isn't so much about the food, but Casa Tua is much more charming for a birthday dinner in terms of the decor (and you can sit outside which you can't do at Teatro) and the food has been very good the two times I went. Teatro has no ambiance and is overly air-conditioned though I hear the food is great. Casa Tua is crazy expensive, I think more so than Teatro but that for someone else to comment on who's been to Teatro. Casa Tua is so pretty, it feels like a really special place.

    1. There is no comparison on service or food...Teatro.

      1. If you are all about food Teatro by a mile. If you are all about scene, casa tua by a mile :).

        I am all about food.

        1. How about Hosteria Romana? Doesn't that offer the best of both?

          1. No.
            Hosteria (Espanola) is more of comfort food italian, and though it is solid, it does not even come close to Osteria. Foodwise, comparing it to casa-tua is more interesting, keep in mind casa is at least 4x as expensive.

            As far as ambiance goes, I don't love it, the waiters are too loud with their live "music". I have to be in a certain mood to go there and I usually go very early to avoid the "music" thing. Hosteria is far more casual than Osteria btw...

            Casa used to be awesome, but 3 years ago the chef left. Never was the same after that.

            1. I dig the scene at Osteria and the food cannot be beat! It's as if you're in a fish bowl whilst the streets scenes of south beach unfold right before your very eyes. If you need to be at one within the scene, Casa Tua may be a better choice? Or even Ago at the Shore Club? (However, I know nothing about the food there.)

              1. Ago is good but overpriced. Osteria is much better. The scene and ambiance is good at ago (trendy), it is not as nice as casa tua, but is better than Osteria. Ago is cheaper than casa tua and priced the same as osteria (expensive).

                1. For a truly romantic, memorable birthday, I would definitely go to Escopazzo...its on 13th and Washington..any comments from anyone?

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                  1. Thanks for all the input. And the winner is....Osteria! (Casa Tua folks were snooty on the phone and the Teatro people were gracious)

                    1. You should see the snoot-fest at Casa Tua once you get there!

                      Dreadful...and the food ain't much better...especially when you get the check.

                      Dino at Osteria (owner/Maitre D) is the consumate host and a true sobe icon. Boun apetito! I'm jealous...here's my top picks: Goat Cheese stuffed Shrimp app. Seafood Linguini in Cartoccio (parchment bag) entree or Osso Bucco over a bed of Risotto Milanese...I'm toutured as I type this! Oh sooo goood...order from the special menu.

                      1. K. I like the spinach crepes as an app. In general, everything listed on the specials menu is better than the "regular" menu (you will see the specials on the left - pretty extensive list). I was there relatively recently and had a lobster pasta dish that was not on the menu and was the best thing I ever had there. If you hear the waiter mention it, get it.