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Dec 13, 2006 08:33 PM

Mori Sushi Tonight - Any Recommendations?

Out-of-town guest wants to go to Mori tonight. I've always been just a little disappointed by this place. I know a lot of people like it, including people in the food industry I respect.

Am I ordering wrong? Any suggestions?

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  1. omakase, or try kiriko, I like it better

    1. No, you're not ordering wrong.

      This is just another overrated place where the sushi just does not taste right, or at least does not taste as great as everybody keeps telling you it does.

      Kiriko's a good fallback, as are Hiko, Sasabune, the Hump (it too can be disappointing but still better), and I'd even go to Noma or Sushi Masu before Mori.

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      1. re: jcwla

        Can't go to Kiriko where I dine regularly. Guest has been there and prefers Mori. So I'll hope for the best, especially since Mori seems to be quite a bit more expensive than Kirko.

      2. I've quit going to Mori, just too $$$$$ for what it is and Zo is within walking distance of my house, so I go there. That said, I love Mori's toro tartar.

        1. Omakase is so good there. Their tuna caprese thing is fabulous. And their fatty fatty toro (chutoro? otoro?) is INSANE! Had that sashimi style - omg yum and their seared one - tasted like kobe.

          But Sushi Zo is great too (and cheaper)

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          1. re: MeowMixx

            I'm happy to report that I just got back from Mori and my fears were misplaced and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

            If not quite the old Ginza Sushi-Ko (the standard by which I measure all sushi - I have not yet been to the sucessor Uraswas), it was quite good and a fraction of the price of the old Ginza Sushi Ko.

            Had the omakase. Unfortunately, couldn't try the tuna caprese because it has onion and I'm allergic. My guest had it though and enjoyed it. Red miso soup amazing - among the best I've had. Homemade tofu excellent. All the fish good - ikura and uni stand out. Really good Gew├╝rztraminer by the glass (not sweet like most). Very, very civilized. Served on beautiful pottery. Excellent tea (it's all the little details). Would definitely go back.

            1. re: omotosando

              Great place if you're more of a traditionalist... attention to detail is what they are about. The feel I get is, the ingredients must meat strict standards, the process must be exact, and the presentation must be simple, balanced, and appealing... The only things they really need to "dress up" their dishes are the basics: hand grated wasabi, yuzu (very different in essence from lemon or lime), and ginger. I've found that if a place of good reputation offers omakase,
              and if you can afford it, that is the way to go... the chef knows...

          2. Went here recently. I enjoyed it very very much. We were served by Mori. We ordered a good amount, trying almost one of every fish. Baby raw shrimp were great. He started making off-menu recommendations. Had grilled baby barracuda, a new one for me. His scallop sashimi was sublime. Finished the meal with an awesome miso soup and the salt grilled yellowtail collar, which was complete soul food bliss for me. With green tea and a couple beers it came out to $120, which isn't cheap, but we ordered a ton and considering the quality, I found it appropriate. The hospitality was top notch, which goes a long way with me, considering it was our first time there. I felt like we were treated like regulars.

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              1. re: fooddude37

                I"ve beeen to Mori twice and both times I asked to be served by Toshi who trained under Shibutani and Shige at various shibucho-s. I like his sushi very much - more tradiional that Mori's, which is fine for my needs.

                1. re: Jerome

                  When was the last time Toshi served you at Mori?

                  1. re: yinyangdi

                    I think it was the last time I went to Mori which was about 18 months ago, give or take. i don't live on the westside so I haven't been there lately.

                    Why? Is he no longer there?

                    1. re: Jerome

                      ::sigh:: I thought that perhaps Toshi had returned to LA since my last visit to Mori about 13 months ago, that was when Mori told me that Toshi had moved back to Japan.

                2. re: fooddude37

                  wowie! $120 *is* cheap for two at Mori if you ordered a couple of beers, tea _and_ left "very sated" from your own picks and Mori's off-menu recommendations. Can I tag along with you guys next time?

                  1. re: yinyangdi

                    Have to agree. We average $120 per person at Mori.