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Dec 13, 2006 08:33 PM

Korean Restaurant in Hayward?

A friend tells me that there is a good Korean restaurant in Hayward, on either A or B street? Does anyone know the name of this place and its address?

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  1. I like Han Yang on Mission close by A street

    You can do search on the board. Their panchans and bbq are very good. Bibimbap is also great. Their soon tofu is a bit weak though.

    1. Han Yang seems to be the favorite on this board over the years. I like it. Korea House is around the corner on A Street, but it is newer. Han Yang is north of A Street a few blocks.

      1. I think your friend is referring to Korea House. They have new owner and the menu changed a little bit. They now serve goat soup and some other dish which I can't recall. I see a lot of Korean young people visiting the place. Though, I like Han Yang better than Korean House.