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Dec 13, 2006 08:21 PM

piri piri peppers in Austin, TX?

For Pete's sakes - where in Austin can I find these chiles? I'm slowly becoming obsessed with these Ahab style.

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  1. Since piri piri pimentos (the port. word for chile) are used in Portuguese cooking, try searching here for a thread about portuguese linguiça that was current in the last week or so...there was a link in one of the last posts referring to a website that sells Portuguese foodstuffs. You can get them pickled, but I got a large bag in Portugal of dried ones...they seem very much like the peperoncini i bought in Italy, also dried...very small, almost like a chile pequin. If you can't find piri piri, you might try using the tear-shaped pequin, not the round ones, but hell, they are all very my opinion. Phoenicia might be a source...or Fiesta in their "ethnic" section.

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    1. re: sambamaster

      I've been making forays out and about in town. So far no dice.

      The pequins, petins, and assorted bird's eye chiles are tasty and some of my favorites but I think the hunt for the peri peri is what's driving me.

      Phoenicia is a good idea - thanks for the suggestion.

      1. re: Kent Wang

        Ana Brasil Não tem piri piri...they do have great malaguetas from n. Brazil which have their own unique magic...if you haven't tried those, do. they are probably related to piri piri since the portuguese were shuttling these peppers back and forth... try some malagueta on beans for a real treat, just the vinegar, or mash a couple of them in some olive oil and drizzle on beans, black or whatever....but be forwarned, these are jet propelled little diabos! (devils) I also looked at Fiesta and didn't see any piri piri there either.

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          1. I'm not in Austin, but I'm in the backwoods of Maryland and our local grocery store (gigantic chain which usually doesn't carry anything even remotely interesting) has them at the olive bar. Maybe you'll have similar luck in Texas?

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            1. re: thatfarmgirl

              I haven't had luck finding the peppers. Have you tried talking to the produce folks at Central Market? Even if they don't currently carry them, they may be able to procure them for you as a special order item. They have offered to do that for me when I wanted ostrich steaks. In the meantime, I get my fill with Nando's Peri Peri sauce which I get at my Randall's or thru mailorder. Good luck!

                1. re: hooliganyouth

                  I get it at the Randall's on Balcones @ 2222. It's where the hot sauces are, usually near the top shelf.