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Dec 13, 2006 08:14 PM

LA TERZA revisited

I went to La Terza shortly after it opened and was nonplussed. However, four of us went there for lunch on a recent weekend, and I was favorably impressed. The pasta for my lasagna was thin and tender, the fried calamari well above average -- and service was excellent.

Has anyone else been there recently, and if so, what sort of experience did you have?

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  1. I was there recently for a Sat. lunch and wasn't at all blown away by the food but, the service was excellent. Excellent enough service and the food wasn't that bad, just not great like Osteria La Buca was for example, for me to definately return and try some different menu items. Dessert was the high lite of the lunch.

    1. I don't think nonplussed means what you think it means.

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      1. I went there when it was first open. The service was good, the food, not memorable. Gave it a second try a few months ago. Not any more memorable - plus the second time around the whole valet situation was more complicated. But I've been underwhelmed with Italian restaurants lately. Now if I could get Italian as good as the food at Hatfields or Providence, well then . . . .

        1. I wonder how all the non-plussed patrons feel about Angelini Osteria.