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Dec 13, 2006 08:13 PM

Greek recs near Yonge & Eglinton? TIA

Not looking for anything gourmet...just the usual pork souvlaki w/rice and potatoes

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  1. My son always gets his chicken souvlaki dinners from Souvlaki Express on Mt. Pleasant, just south of Eglinton. A good, passable dinner.

    1. There's a greek restaurant on the south side of Eglinton just east of Yonge. I pass by it everyday but the name escapes me. It's where Il Fornello used to be a few years ago.

      I've been to aforementioned Souvlaki Express a couple of times and likewise had good meals.

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        I think that's Mr. Greek just east of Yonge. There's a higher quality new Greek restaurant on Yonge several blocks south of Eglinton, called Ikaros (I think that's the name--haven't been).

      2. It's quite nicer than Mr. Greeks and, for almost the same $$ you need to try Ikaros which is on Yonge st, south of Eglinton across from the St.Louis wings place.

        1. Avoid Mr. Greek at all cost. Went there once and the food was blah. I think it is one of the most underwhelming meals I have ever eaten. The souvalki was blah the taziki (sp?) was basically plain yogurt. We had some app and I can't remember what it was I just remember that by the time we finished it I knew that meal was going to suck.

          1. we have also had very good dining expereinces at Ikaros.