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Dec 13, 2006 07:57 PM

Flat Bread

Anyone know where I can buy flat bread on the northside of Chicago?

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  1. If you are talking about lavosh, there are 2 places in Andersonville. I'm not sure of the names, but one is on the corner of Clark and Foster (on the Foster side) and the other is about a block north on Clark. They are both middle eastern deli/ grocery stores and are great places. If you are talking about flatbread at a restaurant try Redder on No. Southport, just next to the Brown line stop.

    1. The one at Clark and Foster is Middle Eastern Bakery and Grocery.

      Lavosh, pita and other Lebanese breads are baked at Al-Khyam Bakery and Grocery, which also does a substantial wholesale business. Same people operate Al-Khymieh Restaurant. They supply the lavosh used by Semiramis Restaurant.

      All of these are within a block of the Kedzie Brown Line stop. This stretch from 4500 to 4900 north is great for Middle Eastern food and groceries with businesses reflecting origins in different parts of the Middle East.

      Al-Khayam Bakery and Grocery
      4738-46 North Kedzie

      Al-Khymieh Restaurant
      4748 N. Kedzie

      Semiramis Restaurant
      4639-41 N. Kedzie
      (closed Sunday)
      For extensive coverage of Semiramis see