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Dec 13, 2006 07:25 PM

Italian Restaurants in Trenton/Hamilton Area

There are a LOT of Italian restaurants in the Trenton/Hamilton area. There's a bunch of new Italian restaurants in Hamilton in recent years and of course there are still a lot of old favorites in the 'Burg in Trenton. I'm just curious as to which ones locals think are the best out of the whole range of offerings.

For myself, I love the freshly made pasta at Pasta Please, and I've had a few excellent meals at Amici Milano. There's quite a few others that I enjoy visiting. But I don't think I've even begun to get a good sample of the Italian food available in the area. So tell me: What do YOU think is the best and why?

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  1. Now that I think about it, I haven't been very adventurous in Chambersburg despite living in the area my whole life.

    Amici Milano is our go-to Italian spot in the 'Burg. We even had our rehearsal dinner there. Great food, great service.

    I tried Tattoni's once and had a so-so experience. It's an interesting place that I hear is very popular with locals.

    I love DeLorenzo's on Hudson for tomato pie and Papa's is a great neighborhood pizza joint. For months my husband and I went there every Friday for pizza, antipasto and a pitcher of birch beer.

    I also tried the place that used to be Diamond's (I think the name starts with a C now) and it wasn't great but it wasn't bad either.

    I don't have much experience with Hamilton, except for two awful meals at Pasta Please.

    1. I've worked in the area for the past decade and haven't found an Italian restaurant in the Burg that I've wanted to return to.

      1. I love the Homestead Inn on Kuser Rd. It's a bit of a strange place... no menus, odd old-world atmosphere in an old run-down farmhouse... but the food is great. It's old-fashioned Italian-American. The grilled veal chop is excellent, as are the other grilled meats. The "Pasta Primo" is very addictive (The sauce is a mix of their Ragu and Oil/garlic). The service is very good once they get to know you a bit.

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          I've passed that place a lot and wondered about it (it does look pretty run-down). Good to have an endorsement before I try it out:-)

        2. My family is from the area - all dispersed now, but we go to the Homestead every time we're back.

          As Canrob said, there are no menus, so be prepared, it is pricey - not out of line for the quality of the food, but the first time I paid there myself it was a bit of sticker shock.

          1. I'll take a pass on Pasta Please. The pasta always has a funky "old water" smell to me, ravioli is usually too thick and undercooked. Last time we went the bread seemed like it had been reheated three times. There's a reason they always have the B1/G1 coupons. Villa Barone on corner of Rt.526 and Rt.130 is much better quality, I usually get any pasta that includes crab, they always have huge pieces of sweet lump crabmeat.