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Dec 13, 2006 07:02 PM

La Vecchia in Reno--still serving good food

I used to eat at La Vecchia Varese in downtown Reno on West Street in what is now Beaujolais Bistro a couple of times a month for lunch in the 1990s. That owner then moved the restaurant to the old Two Guys from Italy location at Moana and South Virginia and took on two other partners, a former chef at La Strada and a woman. They dropped the Varese in the name.
Recently, the chef left La Vecchia and returned to LaStrada. I don't know the status of the woman. But the original owner remains. We went there for dinner last night and the food was wonderful. So far no sign of it going downhill.
I ordered Ossobuco Con Porcini and a soup with an Italian name that I can't remember. The soup arrived first and was excellent. The water described it as tomato soup, and that gives the impression of a cream of tomato soup. But it wasn't. The tomatoes -- most of them yellow -- were cut and up and the soup had other vegetables as well. All fresh. Don't know how to describe it, but it was tasty. One person in our group who took a pass on the soup -- I'm guessing because he thought it was something like a cream of tomato -- ordered a bowl when he saw ours.
The Ossobuco was nice, too. A good sauce and the meat was tender. Not a lot of porcini mushroom and the saffrom rice was just okay, but still a good dish.
Another perso got a side dish of spinach that was done well, too.
For dessert I got a Tortino Tiepido Al Cioccolato, which was a warm chocolate cake with chocolate filling. Sweet and delicious.
Tuesday night is free corkage night at La Vecchia. All five bottles of wine we brought were good, but the discovery for me was a Nocetto Hillside sangiovese. The Amador County winery may make the best California sangiovese I've ever had.

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  1. Steve, thanks for the post. I meant to note that we ate there recently when my son suggested it as a treat for his girlfriend's birthday dinner (good sign when the kid starts recommending good places to eat!). I forget which soup we had, but it was excellent. I had pumpkin raviolis (a fall special, obviously) and they were delicious. One thing to note: they have some great "early bird" specials (before 6:30 pm on weeknights). I think its around 16 bucks for selected apps, main dishes (mostly pasta), and desert.

    1. Went there last night for dinner and it was again excellent. The past was all freshly made. I got porcini mushrooms as part of an appetizer and again with veal scallopinin wow, that mushroom is so good when it's fresh and done right. The veal was tender and the sauce was on the mark too.
      To finish it, I got an apple pie dessert with vanilla gelato. Delicious. LaVecchia does very nice Italian food.

      1. Wish we could have joined you! Maybe a future Tuesday night.

        As I recall, they also do a nice lunch.

        1. Went last night with Yimster and his two sons and another nice meal. We got fried calamari to start with and they threw in other seafood, like oysters and shrimp. Fresh and tasty.
          For my entree, I got pasta and salami over cabbage. Excellent. The pasta and salami were both fresh and tasty and the cabbage added a nice flavor and texture. Yimster and his sons seemed to enjoy their meals as well.
          Tuesday night is free corkage at LaVecchia and I took two wines. The 2008 Primosic Friuli Isonzo Pinot Grigio was nice. Minerally and a lot of complexity for a $10 bottle of wine. On the other hand, the 2006 Abbazia di Novacella Lagrein was just okay. Nice flavors but a sour cranberry/beet flavor dominated.

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            We ate there recently (as part of son's graduation celebration) and also all enjoyed our meals....I had the same entree you had; it was delicious! I'm a sucker for anything that has cabbage in it.....

            Service was a little slow the night we were there, but they were very crowded with lots of big parties like ours.....and we were content to drink our wine and talk....

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              Never had cabbage with pasta like that before, but it's not that different I guess from my favorite Slovak dish Haluski, which is cabbage and dumplings.