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Dec 13, 2006 07:00 PM

restaurant gift certificate in Providence, RI

I would like to give my sister and husband a restaurant gift certificate in Providence. They have been to lots of restaurants in the city but I'm not sure of their favorites (when I visited we didn't have a particularly good experience at Al Forno) there anything new and exciting worth a try? They like all types of food, and I was thinking about $100.

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  1. I would say Nick's, New Rivers or possibly Mill's Tavern (for appetizers.) I don't know if $100 will take it all the way, but it will offset a chunk of a nice meal. None necessarily new, but still chugging along.

    New might include Citron, but I haven't heard much good from there.

    Does anybody on the board know if Moda is still helmed by Jules Ramos? Can it be recommended?

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      What's the word on Cafe Nuovo? Don't know if they've been there or not.

    2. From what I understand, Nick's in the new location isn't yet serving dinner.

      I'd second New Rivers and Mill's.....maybe Chez Pascal as well?

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        I just happened to walk by Nick's tonight - there is a sign on the door stating that starting Dec. 29, they will be serving dinner Wed-Sat! Great news for the West Side!

      2. I LOVE Chez Pascal, been four times, extremely satisfied with every trip. I am also a big fan of Raphael's Bar-Risto and Pane A Vino...

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          After having researched a bit where they've been, I'm going with Chez Pascal.
          Thanks everyone.

        2. CAV is one of my favorite spots in Providence. Snazzy atmosphere and creative, delicious food, and I believe there's jazz on the weekend evenings too. YUM.

          1. I know the Chow Fun Restaurant Group has gift cards that can be used at any of their restaurants like Ten Steak and Sushi; Citron, XO Cafe and whatever else they got going on these days. It might be a good idea that way they get to choose the restaurant...