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A good "foodie" friend is one who......

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brings you back a great bottle of olio nuovo from their recent trip to Tuscany when your stash from your last visit has dwindled. The oil my friend brought back for me was bottled December 1st and is as green as a new dollar bill.

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  1. ....will try new restaurants with you on a regular basis.

    ....will travel with you for a good meal.

    ....will listen to you when you've had a good meal.

        1. ...will get excited over a handmade grilled sardine sandwich with Swiss Gruyere cheese, garlic, herbs and a splash of extra virgin olive oil...on a sourdough roll.

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          1. re: Mike R.

            That's oddly specific. Do you often eat that?

            1. re: Glencora

              Often enough, if I can assemble the right ingredients.

          2. ... won't let his friends go out with guys who take them to chain restaurants.

            1. Email each other all day at work about food

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              1. re: prunefeet

                Will you be my friend?! ;-)

                If only... I have no foodie friends... poor Katie Nell... :-(

                1. re: Katie Nell

                  I don't have any foodie friends either. All of my friends are picky eaters. Either vegetarians or don't like seafood or meat or ethnic food, etc. Sad.

                  1. re: Katie Nell

                    Of course! I do have one foodie friend that I seriously email all day with mostly about food. But I don't have that many foodie friends either, I feel your pain!

                    1. re: Katie Nell

                      What do you suppose the posters here are? Chopped liver?

                      1. re: yayadave

                        Well... maybe chopped foie gras!! ;-) Seriously, I love my online friendships, but it's not quite the same.

                  2. ... will NEVER be offended when you ask to try a forkful of food from his/her plate.

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                      Or better, will be shoving a taste of it in your face saying "you have GOT to try this!!!"

                    2. lets you taste something awful just to see the reaction on your face

                      1. is willing to go to the new (fill in the blank) restaurant no questions asked.

                        buys you food novels for every celebration

                        knows you'd rather have one new food item from TJ's than a gift certificate to Macy's

                        is there by your side the start of grilling season

                        buys you a ticket for the Chocolate Show opening day

                        gets you into culinary trade shows as a "guest"

                        emails you the link to CHound

                        and most of all indulges the quest for the best (fill in the blank) no matter what hour of the day/night

                        1. Will stand on line with you for an hour at the pickle festival!

                          1. Will swap nightly meal menus and recipes with you.

                            1. Will eat ANY part of a pig with you.

                              1. always gives you the bigger portion and lets YOU take home the leftovers!!!!

                                1. ...is flexible as to where both of you choose to dine.

                                  ...respects your food choices (ie. vegan, non-wine drinker, or other).

                                  ...will share about or take you to places they enjoy.

                                  ...does not fight with you over the bill, and will occasionally pay a little more, and occasionally let you pay a little more.


                                  1. Sends you e-mails throughout the day solely to describe something chowish they saw/tasted. :)

                                    1. ....will run upstairs from the basement to where you are in the kitchen at a party to tell you "You HAVE to come and try this wine!"

                                      ....will go out of their way over their lunch hour to take you to their favorite wine shop AND introduce you to the wine guy who gives them all the great ideas

                                      ....will call you from a restaurant and quietly ask you if you think a certain dish would be good

                                      ....will buy something they think looks delicious and then ask you to come over to try it with them

                                      ....will wait until you get to the party before opening the good wine

                                      ....emails you a recipe from a food magazine because they know you will love it

                                      ....ALWAYS ask you how you make a certain food, even if someone else just told them how to do it

                                      ....keeps their beverage cooler stocked, the hot tub clean and invites you over all the time

                                      1. ...who never sneers before trying a plate of food.

                                        1. - will bring you a takeout menu/ e-mail a link to menupages with: "let's go."

                                          - invites you over for a day solely based on consuming leftovers (especially around the holidays), knowing that you don't see leftovers as lesser chow

                                          - is game for meals in groups of whatever is convenient to a restaurant-week, prix-fixe menu (i.e., if a place has three possible combinations of different plates, s/he will automatically suggest that the group have three people - just so that everyone can order and try something different)

                                          - will travel an extra mile or two with you for a chow-worthy meal, no matter how hungry or how late it is