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Dec 13, 2006 06:37 PM

crumb cake in pizza box on long island

does anyone where to get that amazing crumb cake that is basically ALL crumb topping that comes in pizza box?
i think the bakery is somewhere in northport, possibly larkfield rd.????

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  1. That's the place, on west side of Larkfield Rd about halfway between train station and Jericho Tpk near Cedar Road. I think it's called Hummel Bakery and the pizza crumbs come in two sizes; they're pretty good.

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    1. re: gnocchi

      Yes it is the Hummel bakery on Larkfield...You can also buy those same pizza box crumbs at Dairy barns in Suffolk County..Only downside is they are frozen..Still awesome.

    2. It's called Hummel-Hummel.About 1/2 way betw. Jericho Tpke and Clay Pitts Rd on west side of road in "Best? Anywhere? Amytime? Whatever" Shopping Center.

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        1. You can also get one at Baked to Perfection in Port Washington if that is more convenient - it's on Main St.

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          1. re: harrison

            The ones at Hummel-Hummel have a heavy almond flavor. Is the Baked to Perfection version similar?

            1. re: gnocchi

              No - the Baked to Perfection variety is more babka like - heavier on the cinammon. everyone enjoyed!

          2. I came across this via a Google search, hence the TWO YEAR delay.. lol.. in any case, if you aren't brand particular, all "Dairy Barn" locations ( ) carry Pizza Style Crumb Cakes, which are quite good. Hope this helps... someone!! Ciao

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            1. re: LAfoodie72

              I believe all those pizza crumb cakes at Dairy Barn are from Hummel-Hummel Bakery.

              1. re: chaz

                dairy barn still exists??? great!

                  1. re: coll

                    I'm surprised they still can survive.

                    1. re: RoleModel

                      They usually have little lines, believe it or not!