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Dec 13, 2006 06:25 PM

New Year's Eve Dinner

A friend is coming into town and she has requested that we go out to eat for New Year's Eve. We're looking for casual and either Thai or Mediterranean or Middle Eastern.

I was thinking:

Dok Bua
Khao Sarn
Lala Rohk
The Helmand

I don’t have much experience with NYE dinners. Where should I go? Other options?


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  1. Well, Dok Bua would be my preference for food, but it has no liquor license, if that matters to you. On the other hand, there is their utterly unique decor - no matter where your friend is from, she'll never have seen anything quite like it before!

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      She's not a big boozer, so it's not really an issue. And she's never had Thai before. I'm leaning towards Dok Bua, but might have to throw some other ideas out there.

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        I think they're all good choices foodwise. Unless atmosphere and booze options really aren't a consideration at all, I'd opt for Khao Sarn over Dok Bua -- I think the food there is equally great, and some things, like the miang kum, are better. And it does feel a little more celebratory, particularly if you have some cobra's blood to start.

        Lala Rokh is wonderful, and quite inexpensive for the level of service, but I don't think of it as casual. Very cosy and intimate, though, and great food.

    2. Gini -

      Some of this might be too fancy-pants for what you're seeking, but this link lists what different restaurants have planned for NYE:
      Good luck!

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        Thanks Niblet! I did see that and some of them look fantastic. I think we'll be sticking too casual though:).

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