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Dec 13, 2006 06:25 PM

For San Diego Pork Lovers

My husband and I are wanting to do a pork loin roast for Christmas. I've been searching for pork loin with a nice cap of fat, almost impossible in fat-phobic Southern California. In my opinion, pork just isn't tasty without a goodly amount of fat. My search ended today at Bisher's Meats in Poway where Randy the manager guy gave me the option of ordering a side of pork with the "jacket" (rind) on. Those of you who know your pork will love this. Randy will butcher the side I ordered into its various components (country ribs, loin roast, double-thick chops, etc) and I will end up with about 15 pounds of fresh Iowa rind-on pork. We're going to Big Green Egg (slow smoke) the loin roast then crisp it's skin just before serving. Yum! This just might be the best part of Christmas day.

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  1. What was the price of the side o pork? I have never heard of Bisher's meats, I'm officially intrigued. What a wonderful idea for a Xmas gift.


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      Randy the manager guy couldn't tell me the exact cost, but he was pretty confident that it wouldn't be much more than what I would pay for in the shop -- around $5.00/lb. Bishers is on Midland Rd. in the Old Poway Village.

      1. How's Bishers for beef, especially something like (preferably dry-aged) prime Rib Eye's? I've been consistently disappointed by "the usual suspects": Iowa Meat Farms, Seisel's, Whole Foods, Major Market, Jonathan's, Ibis Market. Jimbo's is about the best I've found. Or hand-selecting "prime" at Costco...

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          Have you tried Ibis Market in Mission Hills? They dry age their own beef and you can get it cut to your desired thickness. It's not something they advertise but a friend gave us the tip a few years back and we've gotten some amazing steaks there. It's been a while since we've been in but a friend recently went there and said they're still doing it. Just ask at the deli counter.

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            I would put Bisher's beef on a par with Jimbo's in terms of flavor and price. Bisher's has an advatage in that it has more selection than Jimbo's, but I personally prefer Jimbo's because, for all intents and purposes, it's practically organic.

          2. Have you tried the beef from Brisol Farms in LJ. I haven't tried it yet but they have normally good meat.

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              I have had Bristol Farms beef. Prime dry-aged beef. Not worth it at all. Whole Foods has the same cuts, not dry-aged, and they are much superior and much cheaper (about 50%). The prices at Bristol Farms were outrageous - even knowing they were going to be pricey I was shocked. Perhaps their 'lesser' cuts are good (never tried, and likely won't), but I will never go back for dry-aged prime.