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Dec 13, 2006 06:22 PM

Gift for a Chef

Have a great idea for what to give a Chef for the holidays? Last birthday, I gave him white truffles... Looking for a cool suggestion. BTW, he already has great knives. Cheers.

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  1. Any good chef probably already owns all the kitchen toys he can use. Anything else he covets is probably extremely expensive. Have you ever considered getting him something that has nothing to do with food?

    1. Anything delicious-like a foie gras pate, a small jar of beluga caviar,several packages of smoked salmon; some delicious chocolates; a very good bottle of wine (scotch, gin, vodka=whatever he/she drinks); some delcious high quality nuts- marconi almonds from Napa Style; Bazini mixed nuts; California Pistachios;

      1. Just because he's a chef doesn't mean it has to be a food-related gift, does it? That's so limiting.

        If you're close to him personally, you know his tastes.

        If this is a professional relationship, why not something a bit more removed from his work? I mean, a food-related gift smacks of coals to Newcastle, doesn't it?

        Buy him a really nice fountain pen, or something like that. Make sure you have a gift receipt for it, though, just in case ..............

        1. I would go with a big, case of many dozens of those white, tall, paper, chef hats (toques). I always seem to run out of those dog gone things.

          1. My bf is a chef and he loves to get wine as a gift--especially when I try to find something rare and fun that I think he'll like. He likes the thought that goes into picking out wine for a gift.

            And fun food related gifts. Last year for his bday I bought him a case of his favorite italian imported stewed tomatoes. Sometime I want to get him a little olive tree. You can order them in pots online.

            I also really love the French Laundry cookbook. It's really a beautiful book--it's fun just to flip through just to look at the pictures.

            Or if it's a close friend, chefs love to be cooked for. My cooking teacher in college told us that she is always so flattered to have someone cook for her even if it's just hot dogs because usually people are to intimidated to make her dinner. So people hardly ever cooked for her. It was always such a treat to have someone make her dinner for a change.