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Dec 13, 2006 05:56 PM

Restaurant for Birthday Celebration in Venice

We are travelling to Italy next week and we will be celebrating my son's 17th birthday in Venice on the 19th. He's your typical teenager butlike his parents, he's enjoyed wonderful restaurants like French Laundry, Gary Danko, Le Bernardin, and Daniel in the States. He's expecting "an experience" for his birthday, so does anyone have recommendations for a fabulous evening? I'm thinking a gondola ride to restaurant would be a fun way to start the birthday evening..., but I'm so confused about where to have a great meal in Venice!

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  1. Im not big on the splashy, expensive places like the above but tell us, is your son an adventurous eater? does he like seafood? Has he been to Venice before? Venice in itself is an amazing experience

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      We have never been to Venice before, so we would like to plan a wonderful evening for him. I don't know how adventurous he is, but he loves delicious food. We are hoping to find a restaurant that has divine food and excellent service. Do you have any ideas?

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        Id suggest you search this board for "Venice" and you will come up with dozens of posts addressing requests for special occasion restaurants in Venice. There are splashy expensive places long familiar to tourists, like Cipriani and Harrys Bar, a notch down in poshness perhaps, (Da Fiore, Ai Gondolieri,Fiaschetteria Toscana, etc.) with relatively formal service higher than average prices, some of which are popular with serious eaters, and then the simpler more typical places, some of which may be even more popular - alle testiere being the prime example, but there are many other elegant casual small restaurants that fall in this category.
        The typical Venetian restaurant tho is rather small, with civilized but simple service, perhaps by the proprietor, not by cadres of waiters. The food is seafood from the lagoon, simply prepared, and pastas and risottos involving the same.

        So scan the prior posts, think about what your son might feel comfortable with/enjoy (my teenagers did not want seafood for example and skipped some great meals as a result) and make your decision.