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Steak- A Different Post

I've looked at all the posts on finding good steaks in Manhattan and everyone seems to stick to the usual suspects, i.e. the wildly expensive chop houses our city is famous for. How about some new ideas? Is there a fun place (more casual, less expensive) anyone's been lately that happens to also serve a great steak, and maybe a potato too?

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  1. I had a wonderful filet mignon at Lucien on 1st and 1st. It's a cute french bistro that servse up a mean steak. Delicious!

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      I had the filet mignon. It was flavorless and tuff

    2. There have been a ton of posts on this topic too. Most recommendations are for French bistros or an argentinian steakhouse. You should be able to find those posts by searching.

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      1. azul bistro on the les

        1. I've always had good steak meals at Angelo & Maxie on lower Park Avenue. It's often noisy but you learn to tune it out.

          1. Sammy's Roumanian in LES. Amazing steak overflowing on your plate. If you never been, definately should check it out.

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            1. Sammy's sounds interesting. I'm definitely adding it to my list of places to try.

              1. I second Azul Bistro.
                How about a good steak sandwich, kosher deli style? Fine and Schapiro on West 72nd Street, whose food otherwise is nothing to write home about, serves an excellent steak sandwich--similar to Edna's in brooklyn.

                1. The steaks at Sammy's Roumanian are large but truly awful. It serves some of the worst food in the city, but at high prices. Medium to large steaks will set you back well over thirty dollars - with no garnish. Add a couple of sides, and you are past the $40 mark. Be warned.

                  The reason it's hard to get a new discussion going is simple: the wholesale price of steak means that it is just not possible to sell prime (or even choice) at the lower prices you are looking for. There are plenty of new steakhouses, sure: Porter House, Craftsteak - they are opening all the time. But they fit the frame of what you said you are not looking for.

                  1. I don't accept the idea that you can only get a good steak at places that charge $40 a plate. Proof: Raoul's bar steak. Anyways, the spirit of this post was not about price but about being somewhere more fun/interesting than the uptight, businessmen-and-their-wives, atmospheres of the restaurants Wilfred refers to.

                    1. Schillers/ Balthazar each have great steak frites; I'm not as big a fan of Les Halles version. Strip House is less of the stodgy steak house but still a steak house and fairly expensive. Azul can be great but the last time I went it was god awful.

                      1. Wingman, what made it awful?

                        1. Ended up at Angelo & Maxie's last night and can report that the veal chop is still pretty good. The experience outside of that though, was unsavory to say the least. In lieu of a rant, here's a quick recap. The maitre d' was rude, uncouth, and abrasive, and insisted on calling me "Boston" instead of by my name, even after I corrected him. The girl who sat us had obviously learned her trade from him because basic manners were beyond her too. As soon as we sat we realized that the awful music playing in the bar was being piped through the whole dining room, leading me to wonder why more people don't get indigestion eating there. The appetizers were a failure except for the lettuce wedge which is nearly impossible to screw up. The fried zucchini and some kind of mushroom dish both looked as sickening as they tasted. It took so long for our main course to arrive that our waitress, who we saw a total of three times, thought we had eaten and brought us dessert menus. At that point we kind of realized what a joke the staff there is and had fun laughing about their suspenders amongst ourselves. In the end I was reminded that great company is about 90% of the recipe for having a good time at dinner. Anyways, I'm never going back there, R.I.P. Angelo & Maxie's.

                          1. A good, fun alternative (though not cheap) would be Churrascarria Platforma.