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Dec 13, 2006 05:05 PM

Best Ecuadoran Food in NYC

I'd love to hear what's good in Manhattan but I assume I'll have to go to the boroughs for the best. . .

I've tried a few and they usually come up short of what you'd get from any market lady's stall in Cuenca. Of those Hornado Ecuatoriano in Queens was probably the best but even their hornado was not sufficiently juicy and lacked the correctly oily salad accompaniement. I've also been to El Tesoro in Brooklyn and consider that a huge waste of time.

Specifically, I want excellent hornado, fritada, ceviche, churrasco made right (with avacados and fried eggs) and, if I can get it, corviche, patatas rellenas and some true camarones al aljillo with patacones on the side.

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