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Dec 13, 2006 04:53 PM

Seattle Convention Center (7th and Pike) Quick Lunch under $10?

Please recommend a lunch place for tomorrow, within walking distance of the convention center, where I can have a quick and tasty bite by myself. Ethnic is great (chinese, indian, sushi, medditeranean - not thai - I'm currently overdosed on thai). Pizza is good. Salads and sandwiches are great too. Thanks!

ps - if it's cash only, please fill me in

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  1. Baguette Box, 1203 Pine Street, 206-332-0220
    The food is thoughtfully put together by the good people at Monsoon.

    Very near is One and Two Union Square, which once had (does it still?) a very nice little Italian Pasta-lunch place.

    "walking distance" varies, but for some this includes all of the Pike Place Market and part of Belltown.

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    1. re: mr.nelso

      The pasta place (Pallino or something like that?) is gone. It's now a Starbucks.

    2. I second the Baguette Box. You won't be disappointed.

      1. The food is great at Baguette box but it might take in upwards of 30 minutes to get your sandwich.

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        1. re: New York Michele

          True. You can also call ahead, or wait until after the lunch rush -- 1:30 is usually fine.

        2. Try Bambuza Vietnamese Bistro located at 820 Pike St (206.219.5555) - across from the Convention Center. Food is very good there and has a nice atmosphere.

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          1. re: gastros

            If you go to Bambuza and you're looking for a cheap lunch that will make you happy, don't go in on the main entrance. They have a side door where you can get little Vietnamese sandwiches (Banh mi?) that will just make your day. I think they're $3 or $3.5 each. If you're a big eater, grab one or two of those, and then walk across the street and west toward the little crepe stand. I've been working in this area for a bit over a year, and I think that's the best you can possibly do for an under $10 lunch.

            A close second--and yes, better than Baguette Box--is the Other Coast Cafe in Two Union. Order a six inch "Ragin Cajun". The six inch is about 8 inches long, very filling, and crammed full of goodness.

            1. re: pman

              truly, "de gustibus non disputandum est" - ditto on the quality
              and frugality of the banh mi at bambuza, thumbs down on other
              coast cafe which i found to be incredibly ordinary and
              resembling a gas station rest stop. as for baugette box, there
              are few places i like better and the french fries are ethereal.

          2. Thank you all for your recs. I tried the baguette box.

            A very unassuming little place, but the food was quite good. I had the drunken chicken baguette, and it was very flavorful indeed. Not your ordinary chicken sandwich but rather large chunks of dark meat, marinated, crispy fried for a very interesting texture, and sauced with an asian flavored, caramelized onion "marmelade," for lack of a better term. Very tasty. The bread was fresh, crusty on the outside, soft in the middle.

            The arugula side salad though was disappointing. Undressed greens, liberally peppered, served with some anemic tomato slices and a little container of almost exclusively oil. Not really any acid counterpoint. If you like lettuce with oil and that's about it, this is the salad for you. On average though, a very nice lunch.

            I am a newbie to the Seattle scene, so I just want to thank you for sharing your experiences with me, and hopefully I can give back in kind as I learn my way around your lovely and wet city!