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Authentic Japanese sushi et al in Los Angeles? No mayo.......

We're visiting LA for the holidays and looking for "real" Japanese food - particularly sushi. No "rock 'n' roll" mai or mayo, please.

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  1. Go to Moon Sushi on Highland and Santa Monica Blvd. They make their spicy tuna with no mayo and most things there don't seem to have the mayo abuse.

    It's kinda hidden in a little strip mall in a somewhat undesirable corner. Don't mind the riff raff walking around and go inside, it's very cozy.

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      I've been there a few times in the past few months. Very cozy inside. I'm not into crazy rolls but I must say they have some yummy rolls (no mayo).

      1. Asanebo in Studio city.

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            only if the OP is willing to drop >$300pp

          2. Urasawa, R-23, Hiko, Kiriko, Sasabune...

            1. Try SUSHI SUSHI on Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills, between Olympic and & Wilshire. Their whole thing is authenticity, they don't serve many rolls or Americanized sushi variations. The place is small so so might want a reservation, it's a little pricier than standard sushi but not too much more -- 310.277.1165.

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                I second Sushi Sushi. Sit at the bar, get the mid-level omakase for dinner & you will not be disappointed.

                For a less formal experience, check out Azami on Melrose. They have the california stuff, but Nikki the chef does a great omakase lunch.

                For a super-expensive dinner, I loved Nishimura on Melrose & San Vicente.

              2. If you are downtown you might try Sushi Gen (traditional, good value).

                Not traditional but a for a real LA experience you could try Nozawa (Valley) or Sasabune (WLA). Good fish, warm soft rice that some love. But the unique abusive service is best for those that like a good spanking.

                Hide on Sawtelle is a great value and once seated a quick in-out.

                Mori in WLA -- great fish, artistic, minmalist, expensive. But it really helps if you are a regular (and sit in front of Mori).

                Selfishly, i won't disclose my current favorite...

                1. Sushi Tenn
                  2004 Sawtelle Blvd
                  LA, 90025

                  The sign on the door says: No avocado. No tempura.

                  1. Hiko Sushi and Sushi Zo are very traditional, you won't find California rolls here. They also refuse to make sushi to go.

                    If you'll be around in Orange County, Sushi Shibucho in Costa Mesa is hands down my favorite, and a great bargain to boot. Top grade traditional sushi, costing about half of what most Westside sushi restaurants charge.

                    Not sushi, but a really good prix-fixe izakaya is Wakasan. Often packed with Japanese folk. Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned this here. Hard enough for me to get a seat as it is. :P

                    1. There are any number of sushi bars that would fit your criteria. You need to further refine your criteria - price, neighborhood, ambience.

                      1. "Authentic," huh.
                        Yeah, I know what you mean artfxca, but know this---most sushiya in Japan serve something with mayo, even in and around Tokyo's Tsukiji fish market. And the vast majority are "kaiten" or conveyor belt joints now.
                        Good luck on your quest.

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                          My favorite disconnect from my pre-existing idea of "authentic" Japanese sushi, (but which I didn't actually eat) was rare roast beef sushi, with a squiggle of mayo. Saw it in several places in Tokyo....

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                            I think it must depend on what neighborhood you stay in Tokyo. I didn't see anything remotely like this in Shinbashi (maybe that's why I like the neighborhood).

                          2. Sushi Shibuicho on Beverly Blvd (not far from downtown)
                            Shige serves traditional style Edo-style sushi.
                            Go omakase. Not inexpensive ($75 and up), but the quality of the fish is superior.
                            He also has an astounding french red wine list and will pair fish selection accordingly.