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Dec 13, 2006 04:25 PM

Origin India-LV

We ate at Origin India recently and it is a really terrific place ot try, even if Indian is not your "go to" cuisine. Much like Lotus of Siam, Origin India moves beyond being a very good Indian restaurant to being a very good restaurant, regardless of cuisine. The restaurant is located right across the street from the Hofbrau House and the Hard Rock, so not too far off the strip. It's in a strip mall, but a new one, and the interior of the restaurant is quite upscale. They feature a variety of appetizers, salads, and entrees; a number of the entrees are tandoori, but there are numerous other choices. For folks looking for vegetarian food, this is an excellent choice, because large sections of the menu do cater to vegatarians. The garlic and regular naan are puffy, warm and delicious. We also had the Crunchy Bahijia, an appetizer that is essentially a spinach, potato, and onion fritter; the Aloo chaat, a potato salad; and the Gohst Dahiwala, which was lamb cooked with onions, cashews, and spices. The lamb was an entree and comes with dal and with more naan. There is also a full bar and a reasonable wine list, as well as Indian beer. Service was very friendly and the food was up quickly. It's not inexpensive (the lamb entree was about $17, and the appetizers were about $6), but the quality and freshness of the food merits the prices.

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  1. Thanks so much for this recommendation. I've never had even what I'd call a very good Indian meal in Las Vegas (and believe me, I've tried). Origin India has a website --

    1. Thanks for the rec as well. We've never once attempted to go for Indian while in LV since we live in an area that has a very large concentration of excellent Indian food. However, since each time we're out there, we go for extended periods of time we do start to eventually get bored with all the fancy high-priced dinners and start jonsing for some more ethnic type cuisine. We'll be sure to keep this one in mind the next time we're out there.

      1. Indian food is not my favorite; I much prefer Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese,and other Asian cuisines. But this restaurant definitely has converted me and made me more aware of the tremendous range of food and quality of food available from India (which ought to be no is a whole subcontinent, after all!). It's also very convenient even if you are on the strip, since it's just across from the HRock.

        1. A party of 6 of us went on Tuesday night & we all enjoyed it greatly.
          Even my Grandma who never had Indian Cuisine before!
          The decor is lovely & the service was very attentive.

          We all shared the Samosas & The Bahjia.

          I thought the Samosas were great, but you only get 2 per order which were smaller than what I am used to.

          The Bahjia were good as well, but I thought the onion flavor was a bit overpowering, as if the onions were cut a few days before. I also don't recall there being any spinach inside as stated on the menu.

          For my entree I had the Lamb Nahari prepared hot & yes it was. I loved it!

          My husband had the Jingha Dum Sunehri. Which he quite enjoyed. The shrimp were almost falling apart as if they were braised in the sauce. It was different.

          The others had the Lamb Chops, a Chicken dish & another I can't remember. I lost track...

          We also had a few desserts. Two of their ice creams (mango & pistachio), as well as a cottage cheese pudding cooked in condensed milk. It was flavored with cardamon & saffron. Sorry I can't remember the exact name...

          We all had an alcoholic drink or two as well.

          The bill came to just over $250 + tax & tip.

          We'll be back there soon.