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Dec 13, 2006 03:42 PM

SF Chronicle provides us a Butter - Off (euro style butters) [moved from San Francisco Bay area board]

as I have often wondered myself (and unfortunately often made the decision based on whatever was available on sale) which butter is better for baking and if I've a fridge full of it, am I going to enjoy a lovely toasted onion bagel slathered with it? Nice to see
Challenge held up well in the overall scores (altho', truth be told,
I usually use just the regular ol' domestic Challenge or Land of Lakes butters for both baking & whatever...)
Chron results here:
butters you have known and loved?

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  1. Thanks for posting that! I'm going to have to try Jana Valley butter in my next batch of shortbread cookies. I was about to use Plugra.

    Butter tasting sounds like fun!


      Does the print version have a table with the individual scores? I always find that more useful than the totals as I tend to agree with Roland Passot and Shelley Handler, and disagree with John Carroll.

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      1. Reading the article, I think their criteria were different than mine would be, at least for the table portion of the tasting. They seemed to give preferrence to rather bland, sweet butters.

        1. america's test kitchen did one too. Land O'Lakes did pretty darn well, i think it was the front runner.

          I however, recently got a taste of Kerrygold butter... holy &#@*#@ was it good. of course, I'm sure that the fact that i got a big pat of it helped. But oh man, it was great. Stole my heart. Too bad I can't afford to use it in baking etc. now i'm going to have to hunt down the other ones.

          1. Interesting results... I'd tried Kerry Gold and Plugaria and wasn't impressed with either enough to try it again. Stuck with the regular TJ unsweetened for cooking/baking.

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              I like TJ's unsalted for baking too, but mostly because it's so inexpensive and seems to work pretty well.

              On bread, with just a dash of salt, I like Kerigold, Jana Valley, Lurpak, and Plugra. But if given the money and the choice, I would go for Vermont Cheese Co.'s butter with sea salt already embedded in it. Yum.