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Tortilla Press

where can I buy a tortilla press (or something that will do the trick) in downtown Toronto?

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  1. I bought mine at HomeSense in Yorkdale mall but I'm sure it's available at the Bay too since they own HomeSense.

    1. I don't think the Bay owns HomeSense - HomeSense is part of Winners, I think. The Bay has that other store, not sure what the name is, but it's got "home" in it.

      1. Can I give you a warning here. I have gotten through two tortilla presses by breaking the handle. The aluminum style is not very strong. Look for an steel or wood press. I looking for one too so I'll post when I find one.

        1. Sorry! SusanB is right they own HomeOutfitters--that's where I bought mine :-)

          1. I have seen them at Tap Fong(sp) on Spadina at Nassau

            1. I got my first one at Honest Ed's in the kitchen department, but quickly went through that one as it was made of cheap white metal. I got a replacement at Mex-I-Can in Hamilton but suspect that any of the latin stores in Kensington Market will have one for sale...

              1. I brought a wooden plus metal press back from Mexico. The metal press broke on the first use.The wooden press is wonderful. I have been looking for another one. Anyone in Ottawa know where I could find one?? Thanks.

                1. They're available at stores in Little India. I don't know how durable they are, though.

                  1. Kensington market Mexican stores have it (I've asked 3 as it was spose to be my secret Santa gift). Around $20 for a large press and $10 for a small one...but it might be aluminum ones...darn...now I'm not sure if I should still get it. Are aluminum ones really that bad???

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                      Yes aluminum is really bad, you'd have to use them delicately. I seem to remember that Tap Phong had a metal one but I didn't want to say for sure until I checked again. So if you're down by Kensington drop by Tap Phong and check out theirs.

                      I'm sure Perola only had aluminum when I was there last week.

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                        I just went as my secret santa is coming up. Tap Phong does have it for $30 that is iron (I think...VERY heavy) but is $30. I ended up getting a small aluminum one for $9...which meets my Secret Santa budget.

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                          Thanks for checking that out eco987. I'll head down and get mine at Tap Phong. If you get one for yourself I'd get the iron one. Happy Holidays.

                    2. well, I purchased one at El Buen Precio, in Kensington Market. It bore the Hecho en Mexico imprint and was made of a weighty metal. I dutifully mixed up my maeseca, pressed one, pressed two and, unsatisfied with the thinness, pressed a third. Really hard. When...SNAP!...the sucker broke in two. Not at a hinge, but the flat upper part. I immediately returned it where the shopkeeper said she'd never seen that happen before and glanced at me in fear of my superhuman strength. I exchanged it for another, lighter, made in Colombia. Using less force, I've had success with it, though I'm still not happy - they don't come out as thinly as I'd like.