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Dec 13, 2006 03:10 PM

Casa Loma as venue.

I am thinking of hosting a wedding shower there...

What has been your experiences with this venue? I would love to hear from those who have actually dealt with the catering department and hosted functions there...


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  1. I haven't really dealt with the catering department there, but last year in september, four of us went for their special sunday brunch! They had four in total I think.
    The servers were attentive and good. The food was layed out buffet style. There were also some servers cutting the roast beef and somebody making to-order omelettes. They had a chocolate fountain with fruits and marshmallows in the dessert section.

    I think it would be a really pretty place to hold a wedding shower =)

    1. As a professional caterer who has worked functions at Casa Loma, I advise you to survey your options in regards to the various outside caterers at Casa Loma. Sumashi refers to EnVille, an off-site Toronto caterer who served Sunday brunch at Casa Loma. I would recommend chosing someone other than their inhouse caterer because I cannot vouch for the quality of their food. If you have the budget and are looking for something lux then I would definitely recommend Presidential Gourment. If you are looking to play it safe and want something more traditional then Daniel et Daniel are a good choice.

      As far as the venue itself, it really depends on the type of party you are thinking of hosting and the number of guests that you are having. For a big bash it's perfect, however smaller groups might feel a bit lost in all the space. With rentals you can really dress up the place, check on the chair that they provide because in the past it was nothing special. I could go on but please let me know if you have more specific questions.

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        I have to agree on a few points here. I have hosted events at Casa Loma and for a smaller, more intimate group it may be a bit too regal and vast. It certainly provides a great location and gives your guests a "wow" factor it just depends on what atmosphere you wish to create.

      2. I should clarify some points --

        The room which it would be held is on the 3rd floor (The Austin Room)-just a beautiful room, definatly a "wow" factor. it's perfect for a small crowd of about 50-60 people. They do offer a in-house caterer and also have a list of approved caterers too.

        I need opinions, suggestions, whatever... :)

        Thanks so much

        1. smartalex, I read your comment with interest and would love to get more input on Casa Loma. I will be getting married at Casa Loma this August and am in the process of choosing a caterer. Unfortunately they dropped their 6 choices of caterers and just narrowed it to one with little notice (2 weeks). Now the choices are Liberty and the In house caterer. From what you are saying, I would have preferred Presidential Gourmet. I would appreciate it if I can get more input about chairs etc. Could I just cover the chairs or should I just go out and rent chairs? Any other items that I should rent from outside. Thanks!

          1. Angelique, it may be too late in your planning, but I started a post awhile back on the General board asking for ideas on putting on a foodie wedding.


            There are some great ideas from many who have been there before. No specific caterer suggestions, but lots of interesting options beyond the "traditional" wedding.