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Dec 13, 2006 03:07 PM

Moody Street Date Recs?

Hi all,

Looking for a good date restaurant near Moody Street in Waltham. Ideally fun atmosphere, nice but not too fancy - romantic a plus. And if there are any good dessert/drink places nearby.

While I'm on the topic, any info about the Embassy Cinema? Have never been.

Thanks! (You all have been a huge help!)


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  1. Solea is always a good bet in this area. Tapas by the owners of Dali in Somerville. Small plates for sharing, wine, sangria, and tasty desserts also sized for sharing, (fruit crepe with dulce de leche and banana cheesecake were memorable) without having to move locations. Plenty of positive reviews on it here already, if you do a search.

    1. There are several places that would work well for a date.

      Elephant Walk on Main St. for Cambodian / French.
      Solea for Spanish tapas.
      Tuscan Grill for Italian
      Tempo for American Bistro type food.
      Erawan for Thai, nice atmosphere.
      Several Indian places. New Mother India or Little India probably have the best date atmosphere.

      Solea has a decent dessert selection or, if you are in the mood for ice cream, Lizzy's on Moody is very good.

      For drinks, I'd stay at Tempo or Solea or hit the bar at the Lincoln or Skellig. The Lincoln is a small fun bar, but if they have a band that night, skip it. It's obscenely loud and you will be yelling to hear each other.

      1. Tuscan Grill is my fave on Moody. Look to sit on the bar side so it's not too fancy.

        I actually have never had a good experience at Solea.

        Can you explain what you're looking for when you say "fun"?

        I love the Embassy Theater, it's about as close as you can get to an "Art House" theater around there. They host lots of first-run indie films, and not so huge major studio films (Napolean Dynomite for instance). Embassy Theater and the Landmark in Kendall Square Cambridge are often times the only two theaters around to get some really great out of the ordinary stuff, like Sarah Silverman's "Jesus is Magic."

        1. Also love to sit at the bar at the Tuscan Grill, it's quieter on that side too I think, and the bartenders tend to be charming.

          Elephant Walk (not on Moody, but right where moody intersects main I think), is a fun place to go.

          Like Lincoln for a drink, feels like a real dive, but pretty good cocktails.

          1. I was at Tempo twice recently, once on a date, and loved it. It may take care of all your needs as it has a great bar as well as great food and is trendy and somewhat romantic. Their ahi tuna was so good and so was their flash fried calamari. Their desserts are to die for. They have this caramel mousse torte which is delicious and very unique. The service is excellent as well. Have fun!