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Dec 13, 2006 03:02 PM

brunch for 20 in carroll gardens or surrounding area?

Hi, is there a spacious brunch spot that i can take a group of 20+ people? Looking for a place with a broad brunch menu and good food. (Not pre fixe.)

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  1. Alma on Columbia and Degraw has 2 floors -- definitely enough room for 20. I often seen them hosting bridal showers and other such large groups at brunch time. Of course, you should call them first to arrange it. Great views and great brunch, plus very affordable.

    1. 20 ppl? Rent a room/have it catered/stay home. This is a very busy time of the year for brunch and weekends in general. Adding 20 ppl to a restaurant's book might make your experience less than smooth. Good luck though.

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        This is for mid January so I'm not worried about the holiday rush, only finding a place with enough room to seat us all.

      2. Ceol on Smith Street has a nice brunch, with plenty of room in the back.

        1. Pane e Vino on Smith has a beautiful, 'enclosed' backyard and their brunch is decent.

          1. You might give Le Petit Cafe a try. They have a big enclosed garden in the back and a brunch menu offering everything from eggs benedict to panini to burgers. It's not a gourmet brunch but the food is good and the setting is pretty. Call ahead