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Dec 13, 2006 02:48 PM

Quick, a good pub near Penn Station

I never go there. But need to meet someone later this afternoon. Where can we get a good beer in a not crummy atmosphere. Within 5 blocks or so. Thanks!

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  1. At just about the end of that range, you could go to the bar at Keens, 36th & 6th and get a good beer or whiskey at a classic New York place.

      1. stout - 33rd just east of 7th

        1. Thanks. I'll go for Stout. Seems to be the closest.

          1. Stout was nice, if a bit touristy (you know, could you take a picture of us kind of thing). Nice beers and nice ambience though.

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              Based on the calendar, everyplace is touristy right now!