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Dec 13, 2006 02:28 PM

Fort Greene Recommendation

I'd like to meet some friends in Fort Greene for a nice holiday/get-together dinner. The requirements? They follow:

A full bar, a menu featuring food for both carnivores and vegetarians, seating for eight, and an adult environment that lends itself to conversation. Price is not really an issue here (50 to 60 a head about covers it).

I've lost track of what's going on in Fort Greene and welcome any and all advice!


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  1. i've only been to olea for breakfast, but for their dinner looks great and sounds like it meets your requirements. also, i've been meaning to go forever, but ici is supposed to be great.

    1. Neither Ici nor Olea have full bars. Both have good beer and wine lists, however, and both are quite good food-wise. For a full bar, I think the options are Luz (very good Nuevo Latino, but a bit on the loud side), Thomas Biesl (very good Austrian bistro, and good for a group - they have one very large table in the middle of the restaurant that is quite conducive), and Chez Ozkar (good French bistro - but probably not great for a big group).

      1. Scopello (63 Lafayette Ave.) has a (very) full bar, good Italian food and is a bit more upscale than Chez Oscar and Luz. The space, IIRC is long and narrow, but they probably can set a table for eight.

        1. i second thomas biesl - love it!

          my favorite in that area, though, no doubt is locanda vini e olii (technically clinton hill i think but close enough). seems more festive than the biesl. and it's really amazing. i had a chestnut flour linguine last time i went that was unusual and absolutely delicious.

          1. That vini place is for the birds! The owner's stuck up, the place is TINY or should I say tiny and WAY over priced. I'd rather spend my money on a cab to the slope and go to Ali Da or whatever that place is called on Fifth Avenue.

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              Pricey, maybe, but this place is solid, unique, and well worth a try, if you are interested in regional Italian food. You'll easily spend a lot more at any number of Italian places in Manhattan and vini e olii competes with the best of them. If you plan ahead they might be able to accomodate a party of 8.