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Dec 13, 2006 02:20 PM

Twenty Seven in Richmond - any opinions?

Giving gift certificates for a few restaurants, one in Richmond. Twenty Seven was suggested, got a good local review. Any first hand experiences? CanCan and Helen's are other options, but I like the idea of a new place.


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  1. All of the reviews I have read of 27 have been that the restaurant is fairly medicore and very inconsistent. I have had drinks there, but that is it. It is a beautiful place. One person I know who went there had a good dish but their date did not and the service was not good at all.

    1. Went there a few months ago and had a good meal. Had a great pumpkin soup even though the waiter told me it had cream in when it did not (which is a good thing) we also tried their beef ravioli which uses shredded beef not ground and they were delicious a pork and apple dish a great chocolate torte and a tomato mozzerella stack which had something unique about it but can't remember what. But that was just 1 meal on a weeknight when they were not busy.