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Dec 13, 2006 02:01 PM

Cal Sushi different??

oystersallday said: I guess I can always find compelling reasons to east sushi but I have been told that CA sushi is different.


Sooooo, how's CA sushi different? Might be sweeter....

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  1. Why would you assume sweeter?

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    1. re: srr

      My experience being mostly in San Rafael, where Henry once reigned at the Yu Shang restaurant, the Sushi here seems sweeter than elsewhere. Could be vinegar at other places.

      But how's CA Sushi diff than NY?

    2. Los Angeles's sushi scene is very different from San Francisco's.

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        1. re: srr

          no, but it's bigger pool of restaurants

          1. re: choctastic

            People who know all three areas generally seem to agree that New York and Los Angeles have world-class sushi while the SF Bay Area's best are a notch or two down.

              1. re: Waterboy

                Having lived and sushi'd in all three, I would totally agree. The difference really comes down to freshness/quality and finesse. The fish is much fresher and of far superior quality (it takes a true master to pick the best fish), and the ingredients are handled with a much greater level of care in terms of knive work, subtle parings, use of wasabi, and most especially in the quality of the rice accompanying the fish. The Bay Area just can't even compare, and once you've had the great stuff, it's nearly impossible to go back. If anyone remembers my quest from about a year ago in the Bay Area...I finally gave up.

      1. I have not noticed a difference between Los Angeles and San Francisco as much as I have noticed a difference between different restaurants.

        I usually do not like restaurant sushi, too sweet. I occasionally find a restaurant whose sushi I like such as: Sushi House, Palo Alto Town and Country. Seto Deli, Maude Ave, Sunnyvale.

        1. I think the OP is somewhere other than CA, and is comparing sushi from where they are to sushi in CA.

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          1. I haven't had sushi in New York, but CA sushi tends to have over-sized fish. The ratio is all off for me as a Japanese person who grew up in Japan.

            Also, those places that serve sushi rice with no vinegar in it should all re-label their menu to "onigiri". Sushi with no vinegar is just not sushi... I don't like the rice to be sweet, but it should have a faint vingear taste.