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Dec 13, 2006 01:44 PM

Any Greek Bakeries in NYC?

Please let me know-I especially want to buy the Greek butter cookies with powdered sugar-thanks.

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  1. Try the Poseidon bakery on 9th Avenue and 44th Street -- or head to Astoria!

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    1. re: sethnanyc

      I think the stuff at Poseidon is wonderful - certainly the best I have had so far in the city - try some of the items with exotic spicing (gum arabic, clove, mahlab)in the back case and their easter bread, too. Id be interested if anybody finds better pastries.

      Im not sure how many use butter anymore - I know the pastries brought into Kalustyans, for example, do not.

      1. re: jen kalb

        My vote is also for Poseidon. I just love their spinach pie and apple strudel.

    2. or in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn on 4th Ave at 87th St, right near Century 21, is a Greek grocery that carries baked goods, imports, and whole lamb!

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      1. i highly recommend artopolis in astoria. it is on 31st street by 24th avenue. it has a wonderful array of greek desserts not just the usual baklava, etc. as a greek, i feel it is one of the few bakeries that does our culinary tradition justice!

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        1. re: paparouna

          I highly second Artopolis. Their kourambiedes (greek sugar cookies) are the second best on the planet(to my Nuna's and mothers)

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            hey thanks for the recommendation. what's the nearest subway stop to that?

          2. I recommend the bakery on 30th avenue between 31st and newtown. (it's next to Opa!) They make bread and other baked goods in a wood-fired oven that is right in front of you. The cookies are amazing and they have tons this time of year. also, must try the olive bread.

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            1. re: fara

              I always wondered about that place. I'll be sure to stop in if I'm near there. Are you sure about the address?

              Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it *on* 31st St between 30 Ave and Newtown Ave?