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Dec 13, 2006 01:44 PM

Christmas Eve Dinner for 10 with a red and green theme

Help Chowhounds! Thinking of putting together an elegant Chiristmas Eve menu that incorporated red and green colors. I haven't gotten too far and thought I'd put it out there ....

Drinks-Christmas Coladas, Pomegranite or Cranberry Margaritas garnished with lime, cucumber.

Wilted Spinach greens, bacon, red onion, tossed with pomegranite seeds.


Many thnx.

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  1. I did a couple of nice red and green apps a couple of years ago:
    cucumber cups with creme fraiche, roasted pepper and chili oil
    peel a cucumber decoratively (either stripes or by running a fork along the peel to make little lines)
    cut into 1.5 in. rounds
    hollow each round to make a cup
    fill with creme fresh
    top with a small square of roasted pepper and drop of chili oil

    Another is to use a star cookie cutter to cut out pumpernickel bread, then cut out a star from roasted red pepper. Spread the bread star with herbed cream cheese; top with the pepper star; put a dollop of herb cream cheese on top of that, then plunk on a toasted pine nut. A little fussy, but very pretty.

    Or what about arugula pesto and sun-dried tomato pesto as dips? Or small mozzarella balls, grape tomatoes, and fresh basil on skewers?

    1. pasta with pesto;
      lasagne bolognese (red sauce);
      chicken in red wine;
      beef tartare;
      mesculin greens with sun dried tomatos and roasted peppers (red and green);
      brushetta with olive oil and chopped tomatos and basel to name a few ideas

      1. There are a raft of Italian, Mexican and Hungarian dishes that pick up this theme, btw, as red and green are national colors...

        1. Red and green jalapeno jellies on cream cheese tarts.

          1. Rare roast beef for a main? Green beans and red grapes as a side?

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              You're all wonderful! Keep em coming.

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                Well I would add spoonbread. I love it with rib roast